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Hiking and exercise are good for the body - and also for the soul. Hiking gets you going, your energy tank recharges as if by magic, and relaxation and recuperation come naturally.

So it's no wonder that hiking is at the top of the list of favourite activities. Try it out for yourself - and as a bonus, we guarantee that you will take home unforgettably beautiful impressions of nature! Hike yourself fit and beautiful! Most people know that exercise in the fresh air is good for your health. Endurance hiking energises the body and mind. Away from the noise of civilisation, hiking through forests, valleys, plateaus and mountains also brings peace and clarity to our minds. Problems become smaller and more manageable at the sight of the boundless sky. Stress disappears all by itself after a few hours. Good hiking conversations with like-minded people do the rest. On every hike, it's always nice to see how faces relax and smile.

7 nights
10.04.2023 - 30.11.2023
from EUR 1426,- per person
5 nights
10.04.2023 - 30.11.2023
from EUR 1040,- per person
4 nights from Sun-Thu
10.04.2023 - 30.11.2023
from EUR 823,- per person

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