Hauser Kaibling Round

Medium: 2.5 hours
Ascent: 834 metres
Length: 27.7 km

From the hotel, head down into the valley to Ruperting through the subway of the federal road in the direction of Weißenbach, where you turn left immediately after crossing the Enns bridge and pass the model airfield on the gravel path along the Enns. After crossing the connecting road between Haus and Weißenbach, continue along the railway to the suspension bridge where you cross the Enns. After a short climb past the swimming pool, you reach the market square in Haus/E. From here, take the connecting road to Haus/E.
From here you ride on the connecting road for about 2 km to Oberhaus, where the approx. 7 km long mountain climb to the Oberhausberg begins. At the top station of the Hauser Kaibling cable car you can enjoy the magnificent panorama. A short single trail leads over the ski slope to the large reservoir. After about 2 km on the forest road, the ascent leads towards the Stanglalm. Here you can enjoy the wonderful natural landscape throughout the alpine pasture area and also many a hut delicacy. On the way back from the Stanglalm you return through the Gumpental valley to the starting point.

The Hauser Kaibling Round with mountain rating

Hauser Kaibling Round ©Georg Knaus

Explore nature by bike

Medium: 2.5 hours
Ascent: 834 metres
Length: 27.7 km

Difficult: 6 h
Ascent: 2,111 m
Length: 64.3 km

Easy: 2-3 h
Ascent: 580 hm
Length: 17.2 km

Average: 4,5 h
Ascent: 816 m
Length: 28.1 km

Photo: Styria Tourism Leo Himsl, Styria Tourism Leo Himsl

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