Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is more than just walking with poles. Our trainers will be happy to help you learn this gentle and at the same time efficient sport.


There are a lot of reasons in favour of this whole-body and balance training: you are on the move without pressure to perform, you activate 90 % of your muscles and burn up to 50 % more calories than walking. The cardiovascular system is activated, the metabolism stimulated. You protect your joints and release muscle tension through the improved oxygen supply. And - you fill up on strength and energy!

Movement sequence

Nordic Walking is a sport with a cyclical movement sequence. The right pole always touches the ground when the left heel touches down, the left pole when the right heel touches down. The poles should always be guided close to the body. The respective stick is used diagonally backwards; always use the stick below the body's centre of gravity, it should be used in the step position on the vertical body axis
be carried out.



Nordic walking poles are made of lightweight materials such as CFRP. CFRP dampens vibrations better than aluminium and is more stable. The poles have a removable rubber guard on the pole tips, which additionally absorb shocks and reduce noise on asphalt. Hand straps serve primarily to transfer power from the arm to the pole and secondarily to prevent slipping. Sticks can be borrowed free of charge at the hotel reception.



Start your Nordic Walking tour directly from the hotel. There are 2 rounds available for this purpose:


(1 hour; 2.3 km): This walk leads with a slight incline on a forest path past spruces, wild raspberries, blueberry bushes and through a shady forest passage back to the red deer enclosure and back to the hotel.

Petersberg Round

(2 hours; 7.4 km): This route leads from the hotel over to the Petersberg and via the Gumpental back to the hotel. The steepest part is right at the beginning, so you should take it slowly. Afterwards, the trail leads at a constant altitude over a bridge and on to the Petersberg.

Click here for more info on other routes in the region.

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Nordic Walking - Dachstein - Schladming

Nordic walking is more than just walking with poles. Our trainers will be happy to help you learn this gentle and at the same time efficient sport.

We will personally guide you to the most beautiful places in the region, but we will also be happy to tell you how to find them. Then simply set off on your own and explore the Schladming-Dachstein Region on your own.

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