Our hiking quartet

With competence, charm and above all passion, our hiking quartet will guide you through the natural paradise of Schladming-Dachstein.

Our guides will show you not only the most impressive peaks and most beautiful places, but also the most rustic and cosy huts in the Schladming-Dachstein Region. From easy, idyllic hikes to challenging tours, which don't require ropes or climbing experience but good physical condition and mountain experience, you can experience everything with our hiking guides.

Harry - the chief hiking guide

Harry Höflehner, son of the house, knows the region around the Naturhotel like the back of his hand. He will guide you on hiking trails of all levels of difficulty through the natural paradise of Schladming-Dachstein, revealing his best insider tips along the way.

  • Hiking tours of all levels of difficulty
  • Full-day hikes
  • Sunrise hikes
  • Dachstein Glacier

Kurt - The musical hiking guide

Kurt shows you the mountain world around our hotel with all your senses. The focus of his hikes is on enjoyment and feel-good hiking. While consciously moving in harmony with nature, flora and fauna are observed and new things are discovered. Many of his hiking tours end musically.

  • easy to moderately difficult hikes
  • Full-day hikes
  • Wellness hikes
  • Hikes with a musical finale

Edith - the nature and herb expert

With our nature and herbalist Edith you will discover the nature around the Dachstein and learn the peculiarities and tricks of the animals - from the ibex to the marmot, from the salamander to the butterfly. On the mineral tours with Edith you can also track down many beautiful types of rock - here everyone is guaranteed to come back "stone rich".

  • Herb walks
  • Alpaca walks
  • Mineral tours
  • Marmot hike to the Bachlalm
  • Hikes for the whole family

Robert - The mountain hiking guide

Our mountain hiking guide will give you unforgettable moments in nature. The joy of bringing nature, movement and impressions closer to people has always been a desire of his. The fun, the conviviality and bringing people together is just as much a part of it for him. Your body will thank you and your soul will gain satisfaction and strength.

  • High altitude tours
  • Snowshoe hike
  • Alpine hike
  • Sunrise and sunset hike
  • Torchlight hike

Petra - The bike and hiking guide

"Life moves - moving lives!"
With this motto, our Petra pedals her way to the vibrant, impressive, lonely and also breezy corners of the beautiful Schladming-Dachstein region. Mainly on her bike, but also on foot, she will take you on a sustainable journey of discovery
E-biking = travelling with ease. In the quiet corners between nature, culture and tradition, she knows special places that invite you to "pause and arrive in the present". And if it rains, she'll gladly dive with you - into the regional world of tradition and creation - and in the best case, you'll arrive back in the here and now with a hand-tailored dirndl.

  • Hiking guide
  • Alpaca walks
  • Bike guide
  • certified holistic - systemic trainer


Guided hikes are offered daily, leading to the most beautiful places in the area. In the video we present the hike to the Moralmsee - directly from the hotel:

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Experience nature up close at the Wanderhotel Höflehner
Hiking holiday at the Höflehner
Collect beautiful nature impressions while hiking

Hiking and exercise are good for you. For the body and the soul. Hiking gets you going, your energy tank is fully recharged, relaxation and recuperation set in as if by magic. Your perfect hiking holiday at the Höflehner 4*superior Nature and Wellness Hotel!

With competence, charm and above all passion, our hiking quartet will guide you through the natural paradise of Schladming-Dachstein.

Hiking Hotels Best Alpine

Beautiful landscapes, enjoying silence, meaning instead of fun, enjoyable food, cosy hotels and competent hosts who love hiking - that is a hiking holiday with pleasure.

Nordic Walking - Dachstein - Schladming

Nordic walking is more than just walking with poles. Our trainers will be happy to help you learn this gentle and at the same time efficient sport.

We will personally guide you to the most beautiful places in the region, but we will also be happy to tell you how to find them. Then simply set off on your own and explore the Schladming-Dachstein Region on your own.

From easy, family-friendly hikes to medium-difficulty day tours and challenging summit hikes.