Important notes

In order for you to have a wonderful holiday with your four-legged friend, it is important to observe a few important rules of conduct.

Legal leash obligation

In Styria there is a legal leash obligation, which we ask you to observe everywhere. On the meadows, alpine pastures, hiking trails and also in the hotel area! So that all guests and nature lovers can enjoy a wonderful holiday.

If your dog is not on a leash, you are NEVER 100% in control - especially when hiking, you can quickly lose sight of your dog. With compulsory leashing, certain dangerous situations cannot happen in the first place.
What can happen:

  • Your dog scares away (out of your sight) a doe mother from your child. The mother will also leave the fawn behind for a long time because it has a different smell due to the sniffing of your dog.
  • Mother cows can become very aggressive very quickly because they want to protect their offspring from a wolf (cows see dogs as wolves). But pay attention, should a grazing animal still become aggressive, you may put your dog down so as not to endanger yourself.
  • People who are afraid of dogs are helped by the saying "He won't do anything. Just let him sniff you." will not help. Make sure you treat them with respect and consideration.
  • Always pick up your dog's droppings; especially on pastures, dog droppings can contribute to serious illnesses for cows and calves.
  • When doing the popular "fetch with a stick", make sure that the stick is also removed from the pasture again - otherwise it can cause damage to mowers.
  • Please do not enter pastures, they are an economic factor for farmers and not a playground.
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