Explore styria with the bicycle

 Our landscape offer you all what a mountainbike enthusiast need. From idylic routes to Uphill - and downhill routes.

Perfect Bicycle alpin routes directly beginns at the hotel.

As a mountainbike hotel we offer follows:

  • Mountainbike or E-Bike toure with our Bike guide tow times a week
  • Storeroom for your bikes
  • Wash place for the Bikes
  • repair tools
  • Wash service for the bicycle
  • Bike-Informations at the hotel

Hotel owns Mountain bike rental

  • E-Bikes
  • Mountainbikes
  • Fatbikes
  • Child bicycle


With the mountain bikes you train Power, Perseverance and coordination. The Route, from the hotel beginns, lead you around our Alps and forrests. With a beautiful view into the mountain landscape.

Our Routes offer you all what a mountainbike enthusiast need. From idylic routes to Uphill - and downhill routes.


Bicycle for erveryone

Mountain bikes are not only for fitness embraces, they are also for someone who want to enjoy the beautiful day with a small trip.
In our Rental you can also rent a E-Bike and cycle to the next lake from the hotel and back for a tour that don´t arduous.


Great Adventage:

Mountain bikes are perfect for losing weight. An 80-kilogram Man expends 800 calories in an hour of cycling, and a 70-kilogram Man expends 700 calories, that´s about 10 times of the body weight. In order to have the optimal effect, one should stay within the pulse range of 60-70% of his maximum heart rate. For those who do not know, there is a simple calculation: 220 minus age, for women even 226 minus age, then the fat burning works optimally.

Also important for losing wight is to drink water. In a half hour we need 250 ml, that your body don´t dehydrate.

Clothing and Equipment

For a optimally Toure clothing is the system of the onion perfect: more small layers as one thick layer.
On the top of the packing list is protective clothing: the Helmet! For the reason of a fall with the bicycle, the helmet will protect your head.

Interesting Routes you find hier.

Foto: Steiermark Tourismus Leo Himsl, Steiermark Tourismus Leo Himsl

Plattform for your mountain biking tour in the Schladming-Dachstein region