Snow Shoe Hiking

Strap on your snow shoes and let´s go to the winter wonder landescape!

Snow Shoe Hiking at Höflehner

Detect the Snow Shoe Hiking by us at the Ennstal, they are perfect to investigate our beautiful winder ladescape.
And the best: you don´t need precognition about it. Strap on your snow shoes and let´s go!

Two times a week you can got a Snow shoe hiking tour with our guides. They will show you the beauty at the winter.


If you like to go for your own route you can borrow snow shoes easy at our ski Rental!


“Zwoa Brettln, a g’führiger Schnee”….Maybe skiing is one of the most beautiful ways to experience the world of mountains. But mountains: not alike in every particular…The Schladminger region represents variant severities and nature is so joyful! “Juchée”!