Last autumn, we held our first fasting weeks in our house. The exclusively positive feedback from our fasting guests and the still beaming fasting companion are reason enough for us to announce new fasting weeks. In keeping with the Lenten season, these will take place in the last two weeks of March.

Fasting is the conscious renunciation of food and stimulants, the conscious withdrawal and listening to oneself.

During fasting, one comes to terms with the needs of one's own body in a completely new way and thus often discovers surprising, sometimes even almost astonishing things about one's own self.

At the end of March, nature is in transition from the cold, barren winter to the warm, vibrant spring. When nature is in transition, it is also easier for our bodies to change. Just as the snow now slowly melts and disappears, we can let old patterns of behaviour melt and disappear. The icy grip of winter is slowly letting go of nature - so we too should let go of unhealthy habits and energy-sapping thoughts. When everything wakes up again, grows and thrives, we use the time to cleanse our bodies, detoxify the cells, free our minds and uplift the soul through fasting.

During fasting, our body can shift its attention away from digestion to other processes in the body. It has time to regenerate and repair. The metabolism is relieved, blood sugar normalises, the immune system is strengthened. Complaints such as rheumatism, allergies, skin diseases and migraines can be alleviated and a whole new attitude to life, a feeling full of energy and vitality spreads.

Winter fatigue is shaken off, the body awakens together with nature and draws new energy and strength from mindful renunciation.


The advantages of a fasting week at the Höflehner Nature and Wellness Hotel:

  • Daily guided alpaca and snowshoe hikes and only a few metres to the nearest ski lift.
  • Fasting in an environment that is so rich in impressions that it doesn't even occur to you to think about hunger.
  • Our fasting guide, Conny, is always on hand to give advice and support to those fasting.
  • There is nutritional counselling and health training with an experienced and certified counsellor (Conny)


  • Friday & Saturday:
    You start with two relief days at home with lots of fruit & vegetables.
  • Sunday:
    Comfortable arrival, arrive in the middle of nature and get to know our fasting companion Conny. This evening there will be a last dinner together.
  • Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday:
    You start the day pleasantly, doing only what you feel like doing! You can visit Conny at your sessions and actively participate, enjoy the snowy nature on a snowshoe hike, or spend the day in our alpine sauna village. The choice is yours.
    On these days you start with a warming herbal tea, at lunch you press your own fresh juice from fruit and vegetables and in the evening the day is rounded off with a light vegetable broth.
  • Thursday:
    Today it's time to break the fast!
    For lunch you will have the traditional apple - either raw or steamed. In the evening, a light dish will be prepared for you in our natural kitchen.
  • Friday:
    The day of departure begins, depending on your wishes, either with a last yoga session with Conny, or immediately with a small breakfast that you can put together yourself at our buffet.
    Enjoy your wellness day until 12.00 noon.


Who is Conny?

Conny has been with us at the Natur- und Wellnesshotel Höflehner as a yoga teacher and personal trainer since 2019. On 5 days a week she is responsible for our active programme, where we train, meditate and yoga from morning to evening. In addition, Conny gives personal trainings, nutrition consultations and private relaxation and mindfulness sessions.

In addition to her infectious joie de vivre and her irrepressible passion for her profession, she is distinguished above all by the incredible range of training she has received and the knowledge of the human body that comes with it.

Namely, Conny is a certified medical personal trainer, certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, boot camp instructor, certified fasting companion and health trainer, certified mindfulness and relaxation trainer, certified sound energeticist, certified herbal pedagogue, nutrition trainer, vegan nutrition trainer and seminar leader for forest bathing and silence seminars. Conny has also completed the certified trainings for mental training, health management, workplace health promotion, project management and preventive health care and health maintenance.



Take advantage of this opportunity and start the upcoming summer full of energy!

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