Alpacas and llamas

Cuddle factor guaranteed

Alpacas are very good-natured animals, with an affectionate nature that is classified as calming. Without stress and hustle and bustle, our animals can be led by adults and children, from the age of 10.

What to expect on an alpaca and lama walk:

A leisurely hike with our alpacas takes you along the farm circuit.
The alpaca hikes start from the Höflehner Nature and Wellness Hotel and take you with our hiking guide first towards the enclosure, where the animals are already waiting excitedly for you. Once you have chosen a fluffy companion, the tour continues along the farm round until you are back at the enclosure. The tour takes a leisurely 1 1/2 hours.

There is a lot to remember and learn on the alpaca walks. The animals' leisurely gait has a decelerating effect and you are forced to keep up with them.

Lamas & Alpakas Meet & Greet

You can take part in a guided alpaca walk if you book in advance.





What is the difference between a llama and an alpaca?

1. The size
While llamas reach a shoulder height of up to 130 cm, alpacas usually have a shoulder height of up to 90 cm. Basically, llamas are also more robustly built and can weigh up to 140 kg.  
2. The shape of the face
Alpacas have a rather rounded and full face due to the wool, with a small nose and pointed ears. Llamas, on the other hand, have a more triangular head with a long nose and short fur around it. Llamas also have the longer ears.
3. The wool
There is also a very big difference in the wool. Alpacas are mainly bred for their exclusive and beautiful wool. The coat is beautifully even, dense and of fine texture. Llamas are pack animals, so their fur is also shaggier and coarser than that of alpacas.

Your alpaca experience awaits