Small Höflehner World

Exciting stories are told every day in the Grimming cottage, Stammhäuschen and Dachstein cottage.
In our 3 new playhouses, right next to the hotel, people play and draw, dolls are spoiled with "tea and cake" and on the chalkboard they can draw or even play school. Who will be a teacher and who will be a pupil?


Our little ones would love to spend the whole day here. Great adventures and magical stories are sure to be experienced every day from now on. Whether brave knight, noble princess or hostess for the next teatime with plush bears and dolls, there is no limit to the imagination of our young guests here.

Right next to the playground and sports field, the new playhouses blend into nature, with a view of the red deer enclosure, the Dachstein and far into the Enns Valley.


Höflehner's Spielehäuser