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Action and fun at Hauser Kaibling

The Funslope offers pure fun for the whole family and provides some variety in your skiing holiday. And we don't have far to go - the Funslope is connected to our hotel via just four ski lift rides.

Beauty and health cannot be separated

Beauty must be considered holistically. If you are healthy and radiant from the inside, you naturally look beautiful. But a treatment from the outside that is good for the skin is also balm for the soul

Stand-up paddling with a difference

Stand-up paddling is now a well-known term. Even though this sport is not new, it has become a trend in recent times
With "normal" SUP, you stand on the board, on a calm body of water and move around with the help of a paddle. It's a lot of fun and trains the whole body.

Razul healing muds
As a pioneer, we open the door to the future for our youngest employees

Once again, the achievements of our family business have been recognised, for the first time by the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Business Location. This makes us one of the top training centres in Austria.

A skin-pampering, oriental cleansing and care ceremony

Immerse yourself in the skin-care Razul ceremony and experience the millennia-old knowledge of the Orient about the beneficial effects on body and soul. Experience a sensual ceremony that combines the elements of water, fire, earth and air.

In India, yoga was forbidden for women until the 20th century.
Today, in the 21st century, 90% of yoga in Europe is practised by women.

Do you dare to be relaxed, stress-free and beautiful?

"Honey, have fun with the facial treatment! I'll be at the bar until."
A typical sentence we hear so often. But why actually? We didn't even write that the darling going to the facial treatment is a woman and the "bar stool" is a man, but you guessed it already when you read it.

Nature is full of secrets and natural powers. Especially in winter, we are susceptible to colds and illnesses - however, we can strengthen our defences and prevent colds with a few natural remedies.

The immune system is pushed to its limits, especially in winter. There are many things you can do to counteract this, but there is one thing that proves itself again and again. Sport. Some like it, some don't, but one thing is certain: if you do sport, you live healthier.

The alpaca and the llama, the epitomes of calm and serenity.

The fluffy fur, the deep black googly eyes, the cute hairstyle, the smiling face - the alpaca and the llama are absolute trend animals.

The noblest thing in human existence is to celebrate love.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and everywhere we see hearts, chocolates and couples in love.

Last autumn, we held our first fasting weeks in our house. The exclusively positive feedback from our fasting guests and the still beaming fasting companion are reason enough for us to announce new fasting weeks. In keeping with the Lenten season, these will take place in the last two weeks of March.

Essential oils create a pleasant atmosphere in which you feel good. Whether at home or in the office.

Advent Programme 2021

Relax during the most contemplative time of the year in our 5,000 m² spa Premium Alpine Spa and really savour the cosy Advent season with our special Advent programme. Indulge in small delicacies at our in-house Advent market or be inspired with magical, Christmas gift ideas

This delicious walnut tart comes with a creamy filling and a terrific topping! Fruity pears and a creamy filling meet walnut crumble ♥

Our Top 5

With us, winter fairytales come true. From active to relaxed, from family to sun worshipper - winter at the Gumpenberg offers just the right thing for every taste. We present our top 5 winter highlights that you absolutely have to experience

Winter landscape, torchlight & the loved ones by his side

An experience of a special kind: unforgettable moments can be experienced at during a romantic torchlight hike through the idyllic winter landscape at 1,117 metres. Here you can enjoy the silence of the Advent season and forget the hustle and bustle for a moment.

Our nature shop is full of finely selected, tasty delicacies and homemade natural products

Höflehner's Alpaca World

If you have always wanted to go hiking with alpacas, we offer you the best opportunity. At 1117 metres above sea level, the cuddly animals feel right at home in Schladming in Styria.

Choose your pillow a la carte

To sweeten our guests dreams they can choose one of four different kinds of pillows from our pillow menu. The pillows are filled with pure nature.

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