The fluffy fur, the deep black googly eyes, the cute hairstyle, the smiling face - the alpaca and the llama are absolute trend animals.

But it is not their cuteness that makes them a wonderful partner for relaxation, but their nature. Calm and serene, they walk across the meadow and if you look at them more closely, they can serve as a real role model for us humans. Free of worries and stress, they chew away at something relaxed for minutes at a time.
This way of living cannot leave us indifferent. It makes us think. Why am I so stressed? Why does everything always have to be now and immediately? Why can I never really relax? Because of these questions, we have created Alpaca and Llama Yoga in addition to the Alpaca and Llama Walks.

Yoga amongst the alpacas and llamas combined with a breathtaking landscape either covered in snow or adorned with lush green meadows, surrounded by forests and mountains, will send you on a journey where you will forget your stress, your worries will fade away and you will begin to appreciate the here and now much more.

As you perform your asanas in the open air, the curious fluffy animal will eye you and when it has built up trust after your gentle and slow movements, it will increasingly come to touch you and nudge your nose in the hope that you have food with you too. It is not interested in whether you carry out your movements exactly, whether you are flexible enough, but only whether you are calm and relaxed, because then it likes to come closer.

Yoga alone can relax the body and especially the soul. If it is additionally practised in nature together with our ultimate relaxation gurus, the alpacas and llamas, relaxation and regeneration are guaranteed.

You can get an impression of the relaxation gurus during our
Alpaca/ llama walks.
*Please note that our llamas and alpacas are not therapy animals.


Did you already know?

Llamas used to be used to ward off wolves, they still have this instinct and even recognise dogs as wolves.