Nature is full of secrets and natural powers. Especially in winter, we are susceptible to colds and illnesses - however, we can strengthen our defences and prevent colds with a few natural remedies.

Herbs have different spheres of action that help us stay healthy:

  • Eucalyptus, ginger, fir and thyme are the heroes to protect you from a cold
  • Hemp, lavender, poppy and roses calm you down and let you relax
  • Lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary and sage are vitalising, refreshing and soothe aches and pains

We want you to stay fit and healthy and we have put together a relaxing cold bath with our SPA manager Beate Mally:

What you need?

Alkaline salt / 10 drops of essential oil / 1 handful of pine needles / sealable glass

The twigs should be 1-3 days old and a little dried off, so the needles are easier to work with.

How to proceed?

Mix all ingredients together, grind the needles with a mortar and leave them in the sealable jar for a few days so that the active ingredients can spread well.

Depending on how you feel and the intensity you want, add a few tablespoons to your bath water and enjoy the peace and quiet and the pleasant scent in your bathroom.

What does it do?

When you have a cold, your body seeks rest. A tried and tested remedy for a cold is a bath at a water temperature that suits you, in combination with suitable bath additives. The recipe of our relaxing cold bath, frees the respiratory tract, supports the immune system, has an antibacterial, expectorant, antiviral and anti-infective effect and also gives us a feeling of being in the middle of the forest. In addition, the body relaxes, which leads to faster recovery.


Please note
That you do not stay in the bath longer than 20 minutes. The weakened body could have circulatory problems if you stay in the hot bath for too long.

What else you can do to strengthen and protect your immune system:

  • Always make sure you get enough sleep and rest
  • Take in important micronutrients: Vitamin C and D, zinc, selenium, iron
  • Take beneficial saunas followed by cold water treatments
  • Get enough exercise in the fresh air
  • A positive attitude to life
  • A beneficial stay in the mountains -> secure your place right away