The immune system is pushed to its limits, especially in winter. There are many things you can do to counteract this, but there is one thing that proves itself again and again. Sport. Some like it, some don't, but one thing is certain: if you do sport, you live healthier.

How does exercise affect the immune system?
Exercise increases the number of natural killer cells and antibodies that are responsible for keeping the immune system functioning well. Exercise also reduces stress, which weakens the immune system.

It may be harder to exercise in winter, but that should definitely not be an excuse not to start exercising. There are so many wonderful sports that come into their own over the winter months. Here are a few ideas on how you can strengthen your immune system with sports.


Skiing is particularly good for your health. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, provides better mood thanks to the fun, the intense sunshine and the beautiful view, which in turn is responsible for the happiness hormone.

Our hotel is located at an altitude of 1,117m directly on the Schladming-Dachstein 4-mountain ski circuit. Enjoy the ultimate skiing experience with us.


Hiking puts strain on your joints and muscles at the intensity that suits you. You decide the pace, the terrain, the length and breadth of your hiking trip. In addition to the body, hiking also strengthens the mind, with nature and fresh air being a remedy for everyday stress.

Our alpaca/lama walks and snowshoeing are perfect for boosting the immune system in the cold winter months.

Swimming ...

...can also be enjoyed at our place in winter. The indoor pool or the heated 25m sports pool. The advantages of swimming are extensive. Here are just a few: the body is supplied with blood, which keeps the cardiovascular system going, the muscles are strengthened, the joints are protected, stress is relieved, tension in the neck, shoulders and back is released.

Enjoy tension and relaxation of both kinds in our Premium Alpine SPA with heated indoor and outdoor pool. After a few long swims, you can find relaxation and tranquillity in our saunas and rest houses.


Yoga strengthens the body, the soul and the spirit. It strengthens and stretches the muscles, reduces stress, boosts self-confidence, improves sleep and has positive effects on the heart and lungs, and much more ..
As you can see, yoga has countless benefits that you experience first-hand when you start.

Gain distance from the fast pace of everyday life with our two yoga & fitness trainers, Conny & Angela, and become more aware of yourself again


You will find these and many more activities with us
Use your well-deserved holiday to become healthier.