Beauty must be considered holistically. If you are healthy and radiant from the inside, you naturally look beautiful. But a treatment from the outside that is good for the skin is also balm for the soul

If you not only want to do something good for your skin, but also want to protect the environment as a whole, it is best to use natural raw materials. For this purpose, we - in our Naturelle SPA - like to use our in-house product line. Our products are based on the 3 pillars:

Hayflower | Swiss stone pine | Alpine rose

These 3 pillars are used in a wide variety of Naturelle areas

Effects at a glance

The hay flower stands for activating treatments, the alpine rose relaxes our body from head to toe and the Swiss stone pine is said to have a regenerating effect. Nature surprises us again and again with its versatile effects and thus has an enormous influence on our well-being. The active ingredients are used in soothing massages as well as in facial treatments. Studies show that there is a direct connection between beauty and health. It has been proven that asthma, depression and high blood pressure occur less frequently in men and women who consider themselves beautiful and attractive.

Naturally beautiful

Insider tip !QMS pure oxygen

An insider tip of the special active ingredient cosmetics is !QMS pure oxygen. In this treatment, active ingredients are worked into the skin with the help of oxygen, which visibly promotes blood circulation and renewal processes. The results are a healthier and more youthful appearance, a more even complexion and a big smile when you look in the mirror.

See for yourself in our before and after photos:

Natural cosmetics with aloe vera

Our Pharmos Natur natural cosmetics line uses the active ingredients of the aloe vera plant. Pure aloe vera is used instead of water, alcohol or classic preservatives
The centrepiece of the treatment is the moisturising massage and the use of the freshly exfoliated aloe vera plant gel. Very suitable for moisture-deficient homes or as an after-sun treatment.

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But of course you can also do a few things for your well-being at home.

Beauty tips for at home

First of all: If you want to be beautiful, you have to avoid stress, frustration and overstraining. Our SPA manager - Beate Mally - has a special tip for at home, which can be easily applied without special products
without any special products: "Get enough sleep and drink! Without sufficient fluid intake and the necessary regeneration time, every beauty treatment remains unsuccessful. And also the preparation
for a facial treatment is also extremely important. For high-quality tinctures and creams to achieve their full effect, careful cleansing is required.