"Honey, have fun with the facial treatment! I'll be at the bar until."
A typical sentence we hear so often. But why actually? We didn't even write that the darling going to the facial treatment is a woman and the "bar stool" is a man, but you guessed it already when you read it.

Men and wellness. The lucky ones who have discovered it for themselves would never give it up. Because yes, men also have sensitive skin, tired or cramped muscles and the stress level is often too high. With all this, a wellness walk can work wonders.

The modern man cares about his well-being. Because only a healthy, unstrained, stress-free body can be a good friend, husband or father. If you have beautiful and clear skin, it certainly can't harm.

Wellness is not just facials, of course. Sauna, whirlpool, swimming, yoga, sports, hiking, all these can mean wellness. Because wellness is simply explained: well-being for body and soul.
Fortunately, with us, men know what's good for them. Our wellness offer includes great treatments that are also very popular for men.

With us, men can find numerous treatments that are precisely tailored to them. The gentleman can feel good and enjoy his time. 
Down below men can find some examples especially for men.

Facial treatment for man only

Facial treatment specially tailored to the needs of men's skin with the Pharmos Natur natural cosmetics line. Moisturising and vitalising, stimulates cell renewal and is suitable for all skin types. Finally, we serve an aloe vera pear drink.

Manager's power nap

Mentally tired? Treat yourself to a Höflehner Natur stone pine needle bath, which relaxes and strengthens at the same time. Regenerate during the subsequent relaxing partial body massage with Swiss stone pine oil.

Beer Bath

Stimulates the metabolism, refattening, balancing and mood-lifting. Served with a glass of cool barley juice of your choice.


These and many more treatments are waiting for him.
The next time your darling books a treatment, don't just go to the bar, there's still time afterwards. Treat yourself to something good and let yourself be pampered.