In India, yoga was forbidden for women until the 20th century.
Today, in the 21st century, 90% of yoga in Europe is practised by women.

Yoga is dominated by women in the West. This is because many men think yoga is not strenuous enough or does not build muscle. Some men even find this sport boring and describe it as a relaxation exercise. However, this prejudice only prevails among men who have never practised yoga themselves and are not familiar with the different types of yoga.

Yoga can actually be very strenuous if you are not used to the exercises and are just starting to build up muscles. You have to start small if you want to visibly get your muscles in shape. Most yoga positions stretch, shape and build up entire muscle groups. These are not the only benefits.


Yoga ... promotes flexibility and mobility.
           ... is good for the cardiovascular system.
           ... helps you lose weight.
           ... strengthens the joints.
           ... relieves many muscular pains.
           ... reduces stress levels.
           ... strengthens the immune system.
           ... improves concentration.
           ... has a positive effect on your sex life.


Just imagine:
You can handle your body much better, control it better, let yourself go, but at the same time maintain your concentration and live consciously in the here and now. You can notice these benefits after only a short time of practising yoga.

Yoga comes in many different forms. The so-called yoga paths, some of which focus on your spiritual abilities, while others focus on your physical aspect. Each individual yoga path pursues its own goal and has its own benefits.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can experience a wide range of yoga activities at our nature and wellness hotel. You can get a glimpse of the different activities in our activity programme.