Stand-up paddling is now a well-known term. Even though this sport is not new, it has become a trend in recent times
With "normal" SUP, you stand on the board, on a calm body of water and move around with the help of a paddle. It's a lot of fun and trains the whole body.

YOGA on the SUP board

We use the SUP board as part of our activity programme, during our yoga or fitness sessions. Of course, this is also insanely fun, but our yoga teacher Conny has revealed that this is even the best way to learn yoga "in balance" from the very beginning. On the stand-up paddling board, it's a prerequisite to keep your balance, and it's the same with the YOGA asanas (YOGA figures). YOGA helps us to find new concentration and energy for our work and private life and of course to reduce stress. YOGA offers the ideal basis for finding our physical balance again. For our body, balance is a complex interplay of the sense of touch, our sense of balance in the inner ear and the sense of sight. Have you ever tried to stand on one leg and close your eyes?
Why not try our SUP yoga taster sessions on the natural pond? You will not only have a lot of fun, you will be thrilled and a bit closer to your physical balance. You will then master the yoga sessions "on land", in our yoga house or our yoga platforms in the forest, with ease!

Our yoga teachers are looking forward to meeting you!


Tip: In our weekly programme you will find the next SUP yoga taster session.