3 lillies for our Premium Alpine SPA

Our newly expanded Premium Alpine SPA was awarded with Relax Guide lillies this year. 

The RELAX Guide independently tests and rates all Austrian and German spa hotels according to the categories spa, cure, health and beauty on a yearly basis. The appraisal of the results is made in lillies.

3 lillies - 17 to 18 points
2 lillies - 15 to 16 points
1 lilly - 9 to 14 points

All hotels have to undergo a very critical and accurate surveillance. Therefore we are more than happy that our Premium Alpine SPA was awarded with 3 lillies.

Let us pamper your - no matter if your are looking for relaxation in our new tranquility house with a view or the newly designed naked area with sauna-relax-jacuzzi, cold tub or event sauna. You will find your very own favorite spot where you can let your soul dangle.