Natur- und Wellnesshotel Höflehner ****S

First Natur- and Wellnesshotel ****

Nature that gives our new enterprise its name focused on a new concept for our hotel: we support nature experience, natural wellness, natural, organic cuisine to bring out the best for people and their environmental development.  

The Ennstal presents its first Natur- and Wellnesshotel

We started to

Our guesthouse/adjoining building, which was built in 1966, and the 1987 link to the main building have been completely removed in recent months. Apart from the weekends, building work take place daily throughout the whole of summer 2009 from 8 am to 6 pm (regular schedule). The new part of the hotel is set to open on December 4, 2009.

Follow the constructions on our Web-Cam

16. März
18. März
22. März 2009
3. April
22. April
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10. Juli - der Dachstuhl ist fertig
10. Juli - der Dachstuhl ist fertig
Eröffnung am 3. Dezember
Eröffnung am 3. Dezember


4 million euro were applied to the new building of the Knapplhof to change into the nature- and wellness hotel Höflehner.  


2 generations ago, the Höflehners decided to show their farmhouse in the Ennstal as a guesthouse. Meanwhile the 3rd generation, Gerhard and Katrin Höflehner claim a place at 4 star categories, a great 4 million euro project. The realization has started midst March, while business carries on. The opening of the Natur- & Wellness Hotel will take place on 3rd December.  



The reason for that courageous step was: ‘the combination of nature and wellness that will create a unique effect in the whole region.’  

‘High standard quality and professionalism make sure our unmatched position within the rank system of enterprises in that region. The impulse to offer the best what nature and convenience bring together is still our motive and incentive.’

‘Our new hotel building is the visible figure’; Mag. Gerhard Höflehner commented. Our idea presents a new concept to pecuniary utilization at off-peak times. We intend to boost booking attitudes in low seasons.’


New projects are now: The ‘Höflehner Bergbad’, a mountain in- and outdoor pool, 30 rooms and suites first and last, as well as a romantic chamber equipped by a canopy, the restaurant with a fire side, added by the gracious panoramic view to the Dachstein Mountains; our lobby with a fire place, ‘Naturbar’, library, wine tavern, our hotel shop and conference room.  


Four Stars and Five Times nature

Nature is the godmother of our new enterprise, in the midst as well as the focus of it: ’we comprehend nature as experience: natural wellness, natural organic cuisine that bring together sustainability, finally.’    


Employment for about 50 Personnel – Average Utilization about 78% /per cent

Aggregate 50 personnel support the ‘HÖFLEHNER 6’, members of that family contribute the hotel.  

The result was measureable: in 2008 the hotel worked to capacity at about 78%.


Realisation in Detail  

  • 30 rooms and suites of solid wood as well as 6 romantic chambers with canopies, modern bath rooms tiled by Sölker marble, building materials are Swiss Stone Pine, Larch, Pine and Oak and ecofriendly colours.
  • Höflehner’s Bergbad at a height of about 1.500 metres added together 6 saunas (indoor- and outdoor) a connected indoor- and outdoor pool, the outdoor pool is heated with a lot of massage nozzles. Behind that was an innovative concept, wellness with its topics: beauty, health, activity, romance, togetherness and relaxation.
  • Restaurant with fireside and Dachstein Mountains panoramic view  
  • Lobby with fireside, library and Naturbar
  • Well stocked wine tavern of Styrian and international rare varieties
  • Hotel shop filled with regional specialities
  • Conference rooms to an area of about 150 square metres
  • Self-generated bio distant heating

Rebuilding in Numbers

  • Building time: 16th March 2009 – 3rd December 2009
  • Expenditure: 4 million euro
  • Planning phase: 4 years (from idea to realization)    
  • 150 metres solid wood from Swiss Stone Pines for rooms and chambers
  • 300 years old Swiss Stone Pine
  • 10.000 cubic metres of reconstructed areas.
  • 2.500 square metres hotel area
  • 6 distinct native varieties of timber were used aggregately: Swiss Stone Pine, larch, pine, oak, pear tree and cherry tree.
  • 12 local specialists



Nature – Living Concept and Conception of Our Hotel: ‚5- N-Philosophy’

Nature – that’s the place where you belong most, provided nature shows its gracious sight as once and ever: harmonious, beneficial and beautiful.  

Wellness – that means intensive and intuitive experience of nature. It expresses its best attributes that cause healing and regeneration.



Nature had been the origin cores the focus. It emits all energy that advances our lives. We mused and thought about >Nature< and come to know all activities circle >nature< as a result we focused our <5-N-Philosophy>. A creation that keeps a whole concept, each ‘N’ for one significant point or topic of our House: n-atural experience, n-aturality, n-atural wellness, n-atural cuisine and (sorry that is not possible to translate by a n-letter-word;-) sustainability.

Nature Experience

Imagine the following scenery: you are at a height of 1.117 metres above zero, surrounded by the Dachstein Mountains and be awarded with a precious view onto the world of mountains that will be unforgettable for you. You feel close contact to nature from the key moment and forget about your daily life. Nature pure! Experience comes to your heart as well as your heart belongs to nature - from the word go. Enjoy nature’s ambience and atmosphere: There will be so many ways to do. Do you intend to try an unhurried hiking tour uphill alp or Nordic-walking? Mountain biking? Just start an uphill climbing tour to the Schladminger Tauern. You define your activities how you like it!    

Naturalness - Genuineness

Natural beauty of the landscape reflects to people’s mind. Cordiality and friendliness are constant companions in our house where you will be our guest. The decisive point might be that we are a family enterprise. Our staff is treated as members of our family, too. We are attended by most of them for many years.  

Natural Wellness

Key attributes like relaxation, romance, beauty and healthiness – all in the shade of nature. Nature keeps all those secrets helping us to retrieve our balance. We are just framing nature: crystal clear water in our in- and outdoor pool, crystal- and Stadlsauna or Bergbad. All these accommodation await you. Meet a wish for relaxation, romantic atmosphere as well as romance, beauty and healthiness.

Natural Cuisine

Nature mustn’t add any artificial aromatic substances – so we needn’t, too add anything like that. You will be awaited by pure biological and organic products from our region, produced in our neighbourhood and masterly refined. That shows natural pure taste, rich and prodigiously from herbs. Milk is supplied directly from farmhouses nearby. Meals will be prepared gently. Pure enjoyment for your bonne bouche.    


Today we are thinking of tomorrow: nature implies naturalness. Just anyone who knows about beauteousness has to take care for tomorrow. We need thinking in greater coherence and save responsibility towards next generations.

You stay in rooms and chambers equipped by solid wood from Styrian Swiss Stone Pine free from electromagnetic emission and damaging substances. Our furniture is 100% solid wood, polyvinylchloride doesn’t find in any materials either in flooring or walls. We take great care for gentle usage of environmental resources: so we use a heating system supplied by pellets therefore we keep the consumption very low.  

The Höflehner Family – a third generation family enterprise

Mag. Gerhard Höflehner leads the enterprise in third generation. As a tourism management expert as well a business economist he minds marketing and numbers, strategies and staff. Katrin, his wife is receptionist and physiotherapist of the new wellness area. Reinhard, the senior is hiking guide and a forester and hunter as well. His wife Gerti awarded a special prize for best garlands of flowers third times, for the ‘nicest flowery guesthouse’.  Harald, chef de cuisine and magician of accordion, we want to introduce Bettina, who looks after the Knapplhütte. Grandma Tilly still helps doing the laundry. Helmut Höflehner is the brother of Reinhard and a former racing driver. He is the owner of the Höfi- express and works it.  Another brother of them called Manfred is engaged in doing 15 snow cannons most of the time.

Professional acquisitive marketing

As it were associated with the rebuilding a new marketing strategy. Mag. Gerhard Höflehner: “professionalism started long ago before the guest entered a hotel. Therefore it is just a consequence to add to our new building a new quality standard as well.”  We focused the guest appreciate individuality that take into consideration towards nature and sustainability. We intend to send our offer to lovers of nature, persons over 50 years of age, ladies and girl friends groups as well as seminarists and incentive travelers. Main target audience is from Austria and Germany about 95%. They are followed by the Benelux countries, Great Britain, Hungary, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic. The new marketing concept includes strategies like a new marketing campaign, homepage, enhanced e-marketing methods, appear on fairs and workshops. The Nature – and Wellness Hotel Höflehner is member of the convention group EUROPEAN Hiking Hotels and Styrian Convention.

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