Natur- und Wellnesshotel Höflehner ****S

Opening of the 1. Steirischen Natur und Wellnesshotels

After 9 month of construction work we have proudly opened our 1.Natur und Wellnesshotel on December, 4th 2009

Among our first guests: Olympic gold medailist Fritz Strobl, world champion Hannes Trinkl, US pro champ Bernhard Knauss, our double overal downill world-cup winner Helmut Höflehner and celebrities of economy and societey like Styria's Tourism CEO Georg Bliem, Chamber of commerce president Ulf Hainzl, star-winemaker Erich Polz, Konsul Johannes Hornig, maire Johann Resch as well as our chief constructor Baufirma Granit`s Günther Lederhaas.

Reinhard, Gerti, Katrin und Gerhard Höflehner

Günther Lederaas, Katrin und Gerhard Höflehner, Karl-Hermann Schwabe

Walter Polz, Manuel Ploder, Katrin und Gerhard Höflehner

Helmut Höflehner, Fritz Strobl, Hannes Trinkl, Bernhard Knauss

Reinhard Höflehner, Georg Bliem, Gerti, Katrin und Gerhard Höflehner, Hermann Gruber

Günther Lederaas, Katrin und Gerhard Höflehner, Ulf Hainzl