Natural treatment offers

Like Phoenix from the ashes, you let yourself fall first, to soon shine again from every cell. We offer a unique selection, the best of the best and in perfect harmony with each other for your physical balance: massages and baths, packs and cosmetics - whatever the heart desires to be pampered.

Rituals | Massages | Packs | Detox | Anti-Aging

Let us catch you and tuck you in at an oasis of naturalness that pampers you all around. Keywords detox, peeling and massages - let yourself be revitalised!

Facials | Hand & Foot Apparative cosmetics

We give your skin the attention it deserves. Face, décolleté, manicure and pedicure are conceptual shells for treatments that go deep. Let us surprise you!

Time for two | for the man expectant mothers | Teens SPA

Everyone will find what they are looking for - and we are particularly pleased if we can meet your special requirements and needs.


Feel the power of nature at the Hauser Kaibling! Recovery and relaxation are very important to us. If not while on vacation, when do you have the time to treat yourself with what you dream of throughout the year?