Alpine Sauna Village

 Relax in the sauna after an active day and do something good for your body at the same time.

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When you take a sauna, your muscles relax, your blood circulation is stimulated and your circulation gets going. Discover our different saunas and unwind. The alpine sauna village is accessible from the age of 16 and can be reached via the different floors with our wellness lift. Enjoy daily guided infusions by our sauna masters and special infusions in our event sauna.

Alpine herbal sauna 55-60° C
The soothing scent of alpine herbs and gentle sweating invite you to warm up your body slowly. The bio sauna is heated to 55-60° C and has high humidity. This allows for a longer stay.

Honey steam sauna 40° C
Cleansing and nurturing - our nurturing honey steam sauna at 40°C is the perfect moisturiser for the skin
In addition, the scent of sweet honey, the pure power of nature, relaxes you.

Panorama sauna 80 - 85° C
Enjoy the view over the mountains while you sweat.
"Sweating with a view" is the motto of the 85 °C panorama sauna.
Let heat and refreshment work on your metabolism.

Stadl sauna 80 - 85° C
The ideal length of stay in the Stadlsauna is 10-12 minutes, but it is not the length of stay that is decisive, but your own well-being
Right next to the Stadlsauna (80 to 85°C), the Kneipp pool is waiting to refresh your heated body.



Jodelaufguss mit Saunameister Kurt
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Event sauna 80°C
The sauna visit as a highlight of your stay.
Light effects and sound systems make the event sauna the highlight of the village. Experience sauna infusions (80°C) of a different kind. The Enns Valley lies at your feet through the large glass front of the event sauna.

Spruce needle brine bath 25 - 30°C
Do you like a cosy start? Take a seat in the spruce needle brine grading room and enjoy the wonderful 25 to 30°C
The combination of brine and oils helps against colds, sniffles and coughs.

Infrared cabins
With the healing deep heat, the body is warmed from the inside out. This stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and relieves tension.

Mountain Bath & Spa Saunas

Our saunas in the Bergbad & Spa are also accessible to our younger guests under the age of 16. Next to our indoor pool you will find the access for relaxation and recreation

Swiss pine bio sauna 40- 55° C
In the Swiss stone pine bio sauna, the body is slowly warmed up at 40 to 55°C with a fragrant scent.
The scent of stone pine also has a harmonising effect. Take this soothing time for yourself.

Aroma steam bath
Here your muscles relax and your mind comes to rest. The result: you feel completely balanced and refreshed. Experience how the steam helps you to feel better in your skin and clears your airways. As a stone of reason and harmony, rock crystals help you sort out your thoughts and have a calming effect.
You leave the aroma steam bath feeling completely balanced and refreshed. Feel better in your skin and breathe more freely again.

Brine Tepidarium 40° C
You will only experience the intensive effect of the tepidarium if you stay in it for at least 30 minutes. The common salt dissolved in the water dissolves harmful substances from the skin, promotes perspiration and circulation - so you do your body good in three ways at once.



Wellness insider tip  

Private Sauna - "Moaralmbadl
You get exclusive access to your private, Finnish sauna. Enjoy your time together in the Moaralmbadl including a pine needle foam bath 
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Premium Alpine SPA

 Relax in the sauna after an active day and do something good for your body at the same time.

➺ Alpine sauna village
➺ Textile sauna

Luxury Infinity Whirlpool

Diving down made easy!   Experience pure relaxation at our pools with breathtaking views!

In addition, a natural pond, cosy lounging areas and panoramic levels await you

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➺ Plunge pool
➺ Waterway

You will really start dreaming in our relaxation rooms, where the mountain backdrop alone provides the material for this and the ambience made of old wood gently casts its natural spell.