Alpine Sauna Village - Höflehner's Sauna World

After an active day, unwind completely in the sauna and do something good for your body at the same time. While you stretch out in the sauna, your muscles relax, blood flow improves and your cardiovascular system kicks into high gear. Discover our different saunas as you restore harmony to body & soul.

escape. - sweat naturally. - reenergize.

Our Alpine Sauna Village is open to all guests ages 16 and up. It can be reached from all floors using our Wellness Lift. Enjoy daily guided sauna infusions conducted by our expert sauna attendants as well as special infusions in our Events Sauna.

Alpine Herbal Sauna 55-60° C

Soothing fragrances of alpine herbs, sweating at gentler temperatures. This organic sauna is heated to 55-60° C and is high in humidity. As a consequence your body will warm up slowly and longer stays become possible.

Honey Steam Sauna 40° C

Cleansing, marvelous skin benefits – our Honey Steam Sauna is an ideal moisturizer for your skin. In addition, you are relaxed by the fragrance of sweet honey, the pure power of nature.

Panorama Sauna 80 – 85° C

As you sweat, enjoy views of our surrounding mountain scenery. The dry heat produced by this sauna raises your skin temperature. And by cooling off immediately afterwards, you will invigorate your metabolism.

Stadl Sauna 80 – 85° C

The ideal length of stay in the Stadl Sauna is 10-12 minutes. That said, the true gauge is your own comfort zone. After your sauna session, enjoy the refreshment of the Kneipp pool located right outside the sauna.

Stadl Sauna

Panorama Sauna

Event Sauna

Event Sauna 80°C

A sauna session as one of the absolute highlights of your stay with us. Thanks to a state-of-the-art light and sound system, you can look forward to sauna infusions unlike any you have experienced before. And with broad glass frontage, Ennstal literally lies right there before your feet.

Pine Needle & Brine "Gradierstube" 25 – 30°C

The combination of salt water and essential oils helps combat colds, sniffles and coughs. The Gradierstube has positive benefits for the respiratory passages, while pleasant temperatures ranging from 25 to 30° C invite you to spend as much time as you would like.

Infrared Cabins

Healing deep heat warms up your body from the inside out. In the process, your metabolism is stimulated, the immune system strengthened and tension relieved.


Saunas at our Mountain Baths & Spa

The saunas in our Mountain Baths & Spa are also open to younger guests under 16 years of age. The entrance to this world of rest and relaxation is right next to our indoor pool. 

Organic Pine Sauna

Aroma Steam Bath

Brine Tepidarium

Organic Pine Sauna 40- 55° C

The scents of pine conjure up an astonishing sense of wellbeing and harmony. Take time to slowly warm your body.

Aroma Steam Bath

Here, you will relax your muscles and your mind will rediscover a sense of peace. The result: You will feel completely balanced and rejuvenated. Experience how the steam helps you feel more comfortable inside your own skin and your breathing passages open up. As the stone associated with reason and harmony, quartz crystals help you to organize your thoughts and calm your mind.

Brine Tepidarium 40° C

Only after you have been in the Tepidarium for 30 minutes will you truly feel its most intensive effects. The kitchen salt dissolved in water removes harmful substances from the skin, promotes sweating and enhances blood circulation - with triple the benefits for your body.

Our Secret Wellness Tip

Our private sauna - the "Moaralmbadl"

Enjoy exclusive access to our private Finnish sauna. Experience time-for-two in the Moaralmbadl. With a pine-needle foam bath included.  

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Alpine Sauna Village with 25 m sports pool

Premium Alpine SPA with natural water world

Splash about in our natural swimming pond, feel the warmth of the saunas, enjoy the panorama, read a good book, let your mind wander - relaxation in the midst of nature. In our newly expanded Premium Alpine SPA every wish for wellbeing will come true.