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Clear your mind – Indian ear candle treatmentwith facial lymphatic drainage

This process relieves cerebral persons. This process is supported by efferent facial lymphatic drainage.
50 minutes: € 70,-

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Pharmos Nature Detox Face

Ideal for rosacea, blemished skin , puffiness and to assist with fasting and cleanses.

55 minutes: € 75,-

80 minutes: € 102,-

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Clear Basic Effect

Within 2 hours time you support skin’s functions as respiratory organ and purifying organ. It is provided by a basic bath. Peeling salt reinforces the clearing effect. Special highlight is the honey massage. This highly effective tissue massage removes toxins and the self-healing process is prepared by the liver compress. Foot reflexology strengthens the organs.

Total body basic bath
Peeling salt
Partial body honey massage
HöflehnerNatur liver compress
foot reflexology

Total package 120 minutes: € 176,-

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Pharmos Natur moisture and anti-aging

Full moisturizing massage with anti-aging ingredients of Pharmos Natur.

55 minutes : € 72, -

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Ägyptos Vital wrap

Ägyptos Vital wrap 90 minutes: € 129,-

Ägyptos Vital wrap quick 60 minutes: € 88,-

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