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Clear your mind – Indian ear candle treatmentwith facial lymphatic drainage

This process relieves cerebral persons. This process is supported by efferent facial lymphatic drainage.
50 minutes: € 72,-

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Pharmos Nature Detox Face

Ideal for rosacea, blemished skin , puffiness and to assist with fasting and cleanses.

55 minutes: € 77,-

80 minutes: € 105,-

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Clear Basic Effect

Within 2 hours time you support skin’s functions as respiratory organ and purifying organ. It is provided by a basic bath. Peeling salt reinforces the clearing effect. Special highlight is the honey massage. This highly effective tissue massage removes toxins and the self-healing process is prepared by the liver compress. Foot reflexology strengthens the organs.

Total body basic bath
Peeling salt
Partial body honey massage
HöflehnerNatur liver compress
foot reflexology

3-days' package is total: 120 minutes: € 179,-

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Pharmos Natur moisture and anti-aging

Full moisturizing massage with anti-aging ingredients of Pharmos Natur.

55 minutes : € 74, -

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Ägyptos Vital wrap

Ägyptos Vital wrap 90 minutes: € 132,-

Ägyptos Vital wrap quick 60 minutes: € 90,-

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