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Mountain Yoga & Relaxation

Yoga gives strength and wellbeing

Yoga strengthens all the muscles, provides for greater mobility in daily life, improves balance and relaxes body, mind and soul.

Yoga has developed into a holistic health concept that enhances wellbeing in general, counterbalances the stressful daily grind, while simultaneously building muscle and, perhaps above all, keeping the back healthy and mobile.

"If you can breathe, you can do yoga" says T.K.S. Krichnamacharya, though we can get even more specific:

From the broad bandwidth of yoga styles and Asanas, you can choose whatever does you the most good personally. Yoga can help you get rid of annoying fat deposits, help you "switch off" the outside world for a while (even if just your smartphone), or promote detoxification processes within your body. Yoga may help you relieve back complaints, lower blood pressure or simply work up a really good sweat.

In order to allow you to experience as many aspects of yoga's holistic benefits as possible, the yoga sessions included as part of our activity program are intended to be very diverse. 
Our yoga sessions include the following:

  • Morning yoga
  • Sun salutation
  • Yoga for the back
  • Detox yoga
  • Yoga balance
  • Slow Yin Yoga
  • Flow Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • and much more

All yoga courses are also bookable as private one-on-one or couples' sessions.

In addition to our twice-daily yoga sessions, every evening we offer various forms of relaxation including singing bowls, breathing meditation, progressive muscle relaxation as well as mind journeys. These sessions will help you to relax, let go and get rid of physical tension.

Discover our yoga packages:
Enjoy private yoga lessons with our own activity coaches or participate in our yoga retreats with well-known yoga instructors. 

Mountain Yoga Packages

Yoga Retreats