Natur- und Wellnesshotel Höflehner ****S

House of Tranquility

We have brought together tradition and innovation, capturing nature for you. The result was our Houses of Tranquility for a sense of total peace and comfort

cozy. - comfortable. - calming.


A feel-good paradise for the senses!

In our quiet-rooms, we allow nature into the house. Our Houses of Tranquility are unique in their construction and genuineness. The breathtaking mountain views provide the ideal backdrop for total relaxation.

Inside is outside

Due to the broad window frontage, it is almost as if you are in the midst of nature. The wood provides warmth, as does the cozy fireplace. This panoramic quiet-room features big picture windows, single and double lounge chairs, a fireplace and fountains flowing with spring water.


The special charm of our Houses of Tranquility comes from antique woods provided by former mountain huts. With elements integrated into nature, they invite you to stretch out and enjoy countless restful moments. 

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