Philosophy of the Nature Culinary

In the kitchen, nature is our main ingredient - local products and masterful culinary art united on your plate: nature to bite into.

365 days a year our kitchen team conjures up
artificial additives have no place
Nature in the glass and on the plate
over 300 wines waiting to be tasted
30 kitchen fairies create daily delights from nature



Are you creative like Katrin and love to delight your senses with something new?
Are you active and health-oriented like Gerhard and do you attach particular importance to what goes into the food?
Do you love hearty classics and do you like to taste your way through traditional cuisine like Höflehner Welt?


Rediscover your preferences with us and let our Naturkulinarium surprise you!

Ingredients of the Naturkulinarium philosophy


From the grain to the crowning glory. Good food does not begin on the table, nor in the kitchen, but with the origin of the raw materials - their roots.
How they are planted, raised, nurtured and cared for. With care and love! With old knowledge and new insights. Every product tells a story and you can taste this diversity. This is how the best ingredients are created, which we lovingly handcraft into delicacies for your plate in our natural culinary centre.


Responsibility & personality. Only with a clear conscience can you let go completely and enjoy with all your senses. What is becoming more and more of a trend is a long-lived tradition with us: sourcing food from farmers in the region, giving preference to organic farming, respectful interaction and sustainable agriculture. Every person has his or her own character and this is also reflected in his or her products. We have known most of our suppliers for years and appreciate this personal touch.


Crisp vegetables, fragrant wild herbs, colourful wild berries... Food from nature tastes best - untreated and very fresh. That's why we only cook what's in season. The shorter the transport routes, the better. In spring, life sprouts on the Gumpenberg and the plates are filled with the first green of the year, summer is accompanied by a breeze of lightness and a colourful treasure of local rarities, autumn enchants with its colourful harvest, and in winter we let ourselves be warmed by hearty foods and seduced by spices. What is in season all year round is the careful handling of food and the masterly perfection of the products on your plate.


Being open to new things. Rooted in the fertile soil of the Schladming-Dachstein Region, we like to think outside the box, get international inspiration and go on culinary journeys. For it is in the encounter of lake and sea, mountain and valley, countryside and city that the most exciting creations and new taste experiences are born.


Authenticity & quality. Handmade & homemade are written in capital letters for us, because we find nothing more beautiful than to draw from nature, to create and to complete - completely transparently and honestly. For us, cooking is more than cutting, frying and simmering. It is a time-honoured craft with a lot of tradition and a wealth of knowledge. A craft that has often been forgotten in the fast pace and technologisation of our time. We want to change that, because every dish is a work of art in which a lot of work and love are involved. Taste the difference!


Only those who love what they do, do it well! That's why we put a lot of love and passion into our dishes, in addition to the selected ingredients. Our kitchen team creates and tastes, tries and creates. Old family recipes are recreated by hand, new life is breathed into classics and food trends are picked up and developed. Always with a personal touch and an extra portion of enthusiasm. At our front cooking stations you can become part of this creative process and experience the freshness directly.


Meat or fish. Vegetarian or vegan. Traditional or trendy. Our taste buds are as colourful as our personalities. With us you have the opportunity to choose between the three pleasure experiences: healthy, creative and local, to switch or to taste a little of each.