Pleasure calendar 2024

Join us on an enjoyable journey through the seasons and be inspired by the magic of local nature. Immerse yourself and discover the unforgettable flavours of our local producers and guest chefs. Discover unforgettable experiences, extraordinary moments of pleasure and exquisite wine tastings in the Naturkulinarium calendar.


Aronia tasting
09.05.2024 | Aroniagut Rogl

Mother's Day | À la carte
12.05.2024 | Mother's Day menu

Winemaker as a guest
14.05.2024 | Winery Gobelsburg

Winegrower as a guest
22.05.2024 | Egermann Winery

Show cooking at the buffet
24.05.2024 | Cooking Catrin    


Winemaker as a guest
04.06.2024 | Hirsch Winery

Styrian rose hip tasting
07.06.2024 | Nicole Reiter

Father's Day | Grunch
09.06.2024 | Barbecue and lunch on the terrace

Winemaker guest
20.06.2024 | Mayer winery on Pfarrplatz

Guest chef | 4-hands culinary menu
25.06.2024 | Thomas Hofer, JRE chef with chef Dennis Katholnig

Winemaker guest
26.06.2024 | Alphart winery    


Experience natural cuisine up close - get to know our head chef Dennis Katholnig and learn interesting facts about our natural cuisine. As a culinary highlight, our chefs will prepare an amuse bouche exclusively for you.
weekly | stone & steak or from grandma's roast pot
Booking required.


The special thing about our fine dining menu is not only the regional origin of our products, but also the themes, which are well chosen and coordinated by our natural cuisine and service management.
Fine.dining - Spain (May - September)
Fine.Dining -Game with Nordic accents (October - December)

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Further highlights

Winemaker as a guest
11. July 2024 | Markowitsch winery

Winegrower as a guest
25. July 2024 | Ott Winery

Winemakers as guests
30.07.2024 | Winery family Schuster

Traditional game weeks
October 2024 | À-la-carte menu with game from our own enclosure

Keto retreat
November 2024 | Extensive knowledge about the ketogenic diet from Julia Tulipan & Daniela Pfeifer

Guest chef & head chef Dennis Katholnig - 4-hands culinary menu
November 2024 | let yourself be surprised

Fondue Chinoise - à la carte
December 2024 | something special

Christmas buffet

New Year's Eve gala menu