Keto Retreat

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Immerse yourself in the world of ketogenic nutrition and experience a time full of well-being, enjoyment and further education. Our experts will be at your side on your way to more energy, sustainable weight management and more joie de vivre, while you enjoy the luxury of the natural.

Ketogenic diet

Many believe that while the ketogenic diet is healthy and effective, it also comes with disadvantages such as an unbalanced diet, lots of fat, complicated nutrition plans, long "maths" and expensive special foods. In this course, all these prejudices and half-truths will be dispelled and it will be shown how you can easily start with a ketogenic diet and how it can be integrated into your everyday life. As a participant of the Keto Retreat you will receive the necessary knowledge and quick tips you need to change your diet and thus reach your health and figure goals faster.

Course of events

Arrival on Sunday, own free time.
Monday - Thursday
9:00 - 12:30
Course on ketogenic nutrition with nutritionist Julia Tulipan
and dietician Daniela Pfeifer.
free afternoon
Use the free afternoon to go hiking, participate in the varied
Active and yoga programme or relax with a beneficial and supportive
Treatment from the Naturelle Spa.


Tip from the Naturelle SPA

In line with your retreat, our SPA manager Beate recommends foot reflexology with liver wrap, honey massage or detox baths.
We recommend booking the dates 14 days before arrival!

Course contents

Basics about the ketogenic diet to answer the following questions:

  • Is ketogenic nutrition really just a trend?
  • What do you need to know to get started right away?
  • What contraindications, pitfalls and complications can there be?
  • Which foods support ketosis, promote energy and well-being?
  • Is the ketogenic diet also "suitable for everyday life", i.e. can it be implemented in the office, restaurant or on holiday?
  • When should you definitely try the ketogenic diet?
  • Ketogenic nutrition and (performance) sport - a super combination!

Included services

  • 4 mornings (3.5 hours each) with information about the ketogenic diet
  • incl. worksheets, info PDFs, recipe suggestions
  • rich breakfast buffet with keto specialities
  • balanced keto evening menu
  • Light lunch with ketogenic delicacies
  • all Höflehner inclusive services

Who will accompany you through these intensive days?

Julia Tulipan MSc

  • Biologist, nutritionist, author
  • Over 10 years of experience with ketogenic nutrition
  • Course leader for the training as a coach for ketogenic nutrition
  • Influence of ketogenic nutrition on performance enhancement, mitochondrial health and stress management

Daniela Pfeifer

  • Dietician
  • Specialised in LowCarb and Ketogenic Nutrition
  • Course leader for the training as a coach for ketogenic nutrition
  • Over 25 years of professional experience: non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD), metabolic diseases (lipometabolic disorders, diabetes I+II...), autoimmune diseases (esp. Mb.Hashimoto), cancers, etc.
  • Author of numerous books on the subject of low-carb and ketogenic nutrition


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