Nature Culinary

For us, good food does not start on the table, nor in the kitchen, but with the origin of the raw materials. Our region is a natural treasure, a supplier of sustainable products and a source of inspiration for our cuisine.

"Natural raw materials are the most valuable treasures of our region - colourful, down-to-earth, original.
That's why we only serve honest produce on our tables. Our regionally anchored partner companies make it possible!"

- Gerhard Höflehner -

In the kitchen, nature is our main ingredient - local produce and masterful cookery combined on your plate: nature to savour. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of our natural cuisine and let us spoil you with culinary delights.
Nature - our main ingredient

local products and masterly cookery combined on your plate

Gerhard's healthy indulgence

Balanced, healthy and naturally nutritious

Katrin's creative cuisine

Culinary experiments at the highest level

Höflehner's home-style cooking

Traditional dishes reinterpreted

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Our Culinarium World
original. unadulterated. honest.
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Join us on an enjoyable journey through the seasons and be inspired by the magic of local nature. Immerse yourself and discover the unforgettable flavours of our local producers and guest chefs. Discover unforgettable experiences, exceptional moments of pleasure and exquisite wine tastings in the Naturkulinarium calendar.

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