Nature Culinary

From the grain to the crowning glory. For us, good food does not begin on the table, nor in the kitchen, but with the origin of the raw materials. Our region is a natural treasure, a supplier of sustainable products and a source of inspiration for our culinary art.

Green meadows, sunny pastures, wild herbs, deep forests, clear mountain lakes, babbling springs and untouched nature. Grown over thousands of years, shaped by wind, weather and water, our region is down-to-earth, original and honest.

For us, bringing nature into our kitchen means being close to the best and bringing versatility and honest taste to the table. Unadulterated ingredients, loving craftsmanship, care and passion form the basis of our distinctive cuisine and ensure a natural taste experience.  

3 worlds of enjoyment

Gerhard's healthy indulgence: Balanced and healthy nutrition, but colourful and varied dishes - vital, fit and sophisticated!

Katrin's creative cuisine: Local products are given an international flair with refined preparation methods, special spices and herbs - they are experimented with and combined.

Höflehner's local home cooking: Styrian classics and family recipes revived - close to home and with a lot of love for the region!

6 places of pleasure

We have created the right place for every moment of pleasure: Go on a culinary voyage of discovery at the buffet, treat yourself to a 6-course menu in the H1117 restaurant, let the art of alchemy convince you or relax at the pool bar

In the kitchen, nature is our main ingredient - local products and masterful culinary art united on your plate: nature to bite into.

A particularly nice tradition is the children's culinary event at our house.

Raw materials are the most valuable treasures of our region - colourful, down-to-earth, original and honest: just like us! Go on a culinary voyage of discovery in all areas!

original. simple. honest.

Not only our kitchen team is responsible for the culinary delights, but also the high-quality products of our regional partners. Our suppliers provide us with top products, which we process with care and present to you with the best dishes.

Right next to the reception you will find our nature shop, where you can discover exciting unique items and culinary rarities.