Wine Lounge & Wine Cellar

Celebrate and celebratepleasure. Enjoy and taste the finest wines in our wine lounge.

The taste, the smell, the colours, the nuances - wine is as multifaceted as nature itself. Experience the most diverse tastes and discover new worlds of enjoyment from all over Austria. Our sommeliers will give you an insight into the realm of the winegrowers. How important the location is for the vine, how weather-dependent the winegrowers work and how much care goes into the drop.

Cuvée? Noble rot? Cult wine? Are you familiar with these terms?
If not, you must visit our wine lounge and taste our fine wines from the region and the surrounding area. Whether in company or as a couple, discover our wide variety of wines and enjoy a sip. Perhaps you will awaken the wine connoisseur in you and become the sommelier among your acquaintances.


Curiosity grows with every sip. Austrian wines are full of surprises. The different flavours

Do you like to look beyond the end of your nose? An international wine tasting is just the thing to delight your palate.

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Wine cellar

In our romantic wine cellar we serve you a 5-course menu of the extra class and spoil you and your loved ones with our G|K|H philosophy as well as the best drops of Austria. Spend cosy and romantic hours in beautiful candlelight. For the Candle-Light-Dinner we offer a pre-reservation.

Do you have any questions about our candlelight dinner or would you like to book it?

Our reservation team will be happy to assist you at any time!


Our 6 places of pleasure
Let us spoil you with culinary delights

As part of our Gourmet Pension, we will spoil you with culinary delights - from breakfast to dinner: be our guest and enjoy creative delicacies from the region!

Chef Dennis Katholnig and his team inspire and spoil our guests at the Höflehner. Fine. Dining. Restaurant "H 11siebzehn"

A large selection of different cocktails, beers and long drinks awaits you at our cosy, trendy Alchemist house bar . In our wine lounge you can enjoy fine wines from our top vintners

Celebrate and celebratepleasure. Enjoy and taste the finest wines in our wine lounge.

What should not be missing on your holiday? Exactly a visit to the pool bar.

Directly next to the house bar you will find a separate area - our cigar lounge.