Journey through 3 worlds of pleasure

From breakfast to dinner, we will spoil you with culinary delights as part of our G|K|H gourmet board:

Start the day with a buffet that leaves nothing to be desired. With a light lunch you balance comfortably through the day until the 5-course evening menu is served. As a snack on the way, our cake buffet will not only make the hearts of those with a sweet tooth beat faster. With a hearty cheese variation after dinner, you can close the day on a culinary note.

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Naturkulinarium - Our ingredients

When preparing our dishes, we attach great importance to the origin of our products, to seasonality and sustainability.
We cook with love and passion, every dish is a work of art for us. We are open to new trends and like to think outside the
we are open to new trends and like to think outside the box, get international inspiration and go on culinary journeys.
Our kitchen team also enjoys recreating old family recipes and breathing new life into classics.

Meat or fish. Vegetarian or vegan. Traditional or trendy. Our taste buds are as colourful as our personality
Personality. With us, you have the opportunity to choose between the three pleasure experiences: healthy, creative and local, to switch or taste a little of each.


The 3 pleasure buds

G = Gerhard Höflehner - Healthy:
Gerhard's healthy indulgence
K = Katrin Höflehner - Creative:
Katrin's creative cuisine
H = Höflehner World - Homey:
Höflehner's local home cooking

The taste of an entire region

At the Höflehner Nature and Wellness Hotel, guests enjoy the taste of an entire region. On the menu of the À la Carte Restaurant or in the context of the Höflehner Gourmet Pension you will find, in addition to food from the hotel's own garden, above all also Organic products from the region. The milk, for example, comes from the neighbouring Stanglhof farm only 2 km from the hotel, organic eggs or honey are sourced from neighbouring farms, GenussRegion Ennstaler Steirerkas and Ennstaler lamb come directly from the producer and the red deer even come from the hotel 's own enclosure. Unnecessarily long food transport routes are avoided; what counts is the food on the doorstep. The kitchen team also regularly goes out of the kitchen to collect fresh huckleberries in the forest, for example, or herbs from the neighbouring nature reserve for all the senses. These are then processed directly or in the form of herbal salts and aromatic oils.

Nature Culinary
From grain to crowning
In the kitchen, nature is our main ingredient - local products and masterful culinary art united on your plate: nature to bite into.
From breakfast to dinner, we will spoil you with culinary delights as part of our G|K|H gourmet board:
Raw materials are the most valuable treasures of our region - colourful, down-to-earth, original and honest: just like us! Go on a culinary voyage of discovery in all areas!
original. genuine. honest.
Not only our kitchen team is responsible for the culinary delights, but also the high-quality products of our regional partners. Our suppliers provide us with top products, which we process with care and present to you with the best dishes.
A particularly nice change is offered by the children's culinary programme as part of our G|K|H Nature Culinary Philosophy.
Right next to the reception you will find our nature shop, where you can discover exciting unique items and culinary rarities.
Foodintolerances are very common. As far as possible, we try to accommodate all wishes and special requirements.
Your Nature Culinary Menu at the Nature and Wellness Hotel Höflehner on

Wednesday, 27.09.2023