Natural wellness

A time-out of well-being for adventurous nature heroes.

Time out has to be learned! After an exciting day full of discovery tours, the Nature Heros have the opportunity to experience small wellness treatments. Whether it's a cocoa butter massage, a pedicure like mum enjoys or a razul for the whole family. Here, small and large connoisseurs alike get their money's worth.

Our natural water world at a glance:

          "Indoor swimming pool
          "Dwarf pool
          " Natural pond

Wellness treatments for kids & teens:

          " Massages
          " Manicure
          " Pedicure
          " Razul

Fun and time out
Here, imagination knows no bounds. Children can enjoy themselves to their heart's content in the numerous activities on offer, such as the indoor swimming pool and the dwarf pool.
especially for kids & teens
Teenagers also need time out to unwind, and pampered skin contributes just as much to well-being.
Rest & Relaxation
Security and warmth end in balance - find individual retreats.
Holiday time = family time
Family holiday at 1,117m above sea level.
for all age groups
Experience adventures together and enjoy family time - without worries. We have provided you with the basic conditions for this, so that the weather doesn't throw a spanner in the works.
A particularly nice change is offered by the children's culinary programme as part of our G|K|H Nature Culinary Philosophy.

A time-out of well-being for adventurous nature heroes.

Great experiences for the whole family
Nature is the best entertainer. It offers our little guests what they really want on holiday: excitement, fun and variety on your family holiday at the Höflehner!
The whole day in the fresh air, in the beautiful nature, with a view of the mountains, with the animals of our house and playfully getting to know the surroundings.
In nature from the start
Children are curious from the start. They like the water, feeling smooth and edged stones under their feet and the feeling of goose bumps when a cool breeze comes from the nearby forest. They look forward to the animals they encounter by watching, listening and touching - full of imagination and empathy.
In the Ennstal mountains, a natural paradise awaits with crystal-clear lakes, lush forests and hidden paths. Through contact with nature, the senses for the original, the living, the free grow. Nothing is as diverse and changeable as the playground "nature", which is why we place special emphasis on romping, tinkering and exploring.

"Be wild | Be free | Be a Nature Hero"