Nature Culinary

From grain to crowning

For us, good food does not begin on the table, nor in the kitchen, but with the origin of the raw materials. Our region is a natural treasure, a supplier of sustainable products and a source of inspiration for our culinary art.

Green meadows, sunny pastures, wild herbs, deep forests, clear mountain lakes, babbling springs and untouched nature. Grown over thousands of years, shaped by wind, weather and water, our region is down-to-earth, original and honest. For us, bringing nature into our kitchen means being close to the best and bringing versatility and honest taste to the table. Unadulterated ingredients, loving craftsmanship, care and passion form the basis of our distinctive cuisine and ensure a natural taste experience.

Zitaten von Gerhard Höflehner
House bar "the Alchemist
Opening hours:

House bar "The Alchemist" open daily
Summer season from 17.00 h | Winter season from 11.00 h
Cheese from the buffet daily from 20.00 - 00.00 hrs
Wine tasting in the wine lounge on request

Here I am, here I can be!

The art of alchemy is not only to turn iron into gold, but to realise one's lifetime here on this earth and to perceive it as an everlasting change. In order to be able to internalise this change, alchemy recalls natural philosophy.

There lies the true meaning that ennobles our heart. The moments that cannot be outweighed, the changes we have lived through, with the help of naturalness. Only nature reflects on the essentials and gives us humans everything we need to live. If you always enter nature with caution and care, you will find space here to inhale life, here you can be, feel yourself intensely and recognise what is essential. The power of nature makes us shine golden like the sun. The Alchemist is your place to celebrate and fully enjoy your life and the changes it brings.