Gemstone bath
Feel the subtle level of the three gemstones aquamarine, rock crystal and rose quartz in the resonant medium of water. Optimal for cellulite, sore muscles, tension, foot sweat and sensitive skin.
40 minutes | EUR 53

Detox Face
Detoxifying, tissue-cleansing facial treatment. Activates the entire skin metabolism, strengthens the connective tissue and detoxifies intensively via the lymph. The result is clear, well toned skin, firmed contours and reduced veins. Ideal for couperose, impure skin, lachrymal sacs and to support fasting and cleansing cures.
60 minutes | EUR 105

Detox Body
Detox treatment with precious medicinal plants and organic aloe vera from Pharmos Natur. This treatment purifies and decongests via the lymph, strengthens and firms the connective tissue, activates the metabolism and reduces cellulite.
60 minutes | EUR 105

Our tip: Cleansing and beneficial. Detox Body and Face in combination. Served with a soothing aloe vera pear drink.
120 minutes | EUR 181

Honey Massage
This massage has a long tradition in many cultures and is mainly used for purification and detoxification of the body as well as for holistic relaxation
25 minutes | EUR 54

Rose mousse peeling
The rose mousse peeling provides wonderfully fragrant, gentle skin-smoothing full-body cleansing. Natural ingredients such as organic jojoba oil, rose water and shea butter.
25 minutes | EUR 54

Thalasso Mare Peeling
Gentle peeling for deep cleansing of the skin. Rich in minerals, proteins and enzymes.
25 minutes | EUR 54

Detox Deluxe
A purifying and skin-preparing gemstone peeling followed by a warming and cleansing gemstone bath is completed by a wonderfully replenishing goat butter cream pack.
75 minutes | EUR 109


Health training and fasting accompaniment in autumn and spring at the Höflehner:

Fasting invigorates the senses, strengthens the immune system and activates the self-healing powers. Through conscious renunciation in a pleasant atmosphere and with professional fasting support, holiday, relaxation and fasting combine to create a holistic feel-good experience. Depending on your needs, you can switch off and slow down, regenerate your body and mind or recharge your batteries and get back on track in a fit and active way

  • Introductory fasting talk in the group 50 minutes
  • Individual nutrition counselling 25 minutes
  • Individual health training 25 minutes
  • Mindfulness workshop as part of the activity programme
  • Active and relaxation sessions as part of the activity programme
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