Body & Mind

Wherever the journey may lead, it's worth getting on board: up to 8 different courses can be attended daily. From guided hikes to kickboxing to meditation - a variety that offers something for everyone.

Our fitness trainers work together with you on your goals and support you with tips that are precisely tailored to you. Building strength, working on mobility, keeping fit, losing weight, reducing stress - everyone has different wishes and needs.
Together with our personal trainers you will find the perfect solution to reach your personal goal; you will take the training plan home with you.

Personal Training

Try out our yoga days too!
Outdoor yoga offers a different kind of yoga experience; the calming and grounding effect of the forest will make you feel like new!

Wrapped in the rustle of the branches, the scent of the trees and the protection of silence, you will switch off all by yourself.

  • Strength and mobility
  • Cardiovascular
  • Weight reduction
  • Sport-specific training sessions

Initial discussion, defining goals, training, creating an individual training plan.
50 minutes | EUR 95,-


Mindfulness & relaxation training:

  • Breathing meditation
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Yoga Basic

Mindfulness training helps to recognise the body's warning signals in time and to increase the ability to concentrate and perceive. Through relaxation training, you learn to remain calm and collected in difficult situations and strengthen your ability to deal with stress and allow relaxation. Discover strategies for everyday life, learn them and take them home with you.initial discussion, define goals, training, create an individual training plan.
50 minutes | EUR 95,-

Yoga individual coaching

For beginners and experienced practitioners
50 minutes

  • Individual coaching EUR 95
  • 2. Person when booking partner yoga EUR 70,-

Medical personal training:
1:1 training for recovery after health impairments, e.g. due to illness or injury, or to help with chronic complaints and malpositions. Medical personal training is also possible as a preventive measure with the aim of preventing signs of wear and tear and injuries.initial consultation, defining goals, training, drawing up an individual training plan.
50 minutes | EUR 95,-

Health coaching & prevention:
Coaching on how to deal responsibly with one's own body and on the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Recognising unhealthy behaviour, assessing your own health situation, everyday strategies for exercise, nutrition and relaxation.
50 minutes EUR 95,-

Nutritional counselling and vegan nutritional counselling:
Analysis of the current nutritional status and formulation of individual goals. Developing an understanding of balanced nutrition in order to improve general health and thus become more alert, active and motivated in everyday life. More restful sleep, better regeneration, more energy and controlled weight management through conscious nutrition.
50 minutes EUR 95


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