Nature Culinary

For us, good food does not start on the table, nor in the kitchen, but with the origin of the raw materials. Our region is a natural treasure, a supplier of sustainable products and a source of inspiration for our cuisine.

Green meadows, sunny pastures, wild herbs, deep forests, clear mountain lakes, babbling springs and unspoilt nature. Shaped over thousands of years by wind, weather and water, our region is down-to-earth, original and honest. For us, bringing nature into our cuisine means being close to the best and bringing versatility and honest flavours to the table. Unadulterated ingredients, loving craftsmanship, care and passion form the basis of our distinctive cuisine and ensure a natural flavour experience.

"Natural ingredients are the most valuable treasures of our region - colourful, down-to-earth, original.
That's why we only serve honest produce on our tables. Our regionally anchored partner businesses make it possible!"

- Gerhard Höflehner -