Journey through 3 worlds of pleasure

Immerse yourself in the diverse world of our natural cuisine and let us spoil you with culinary delights.

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The flavour of an entire region

At the Nature and Wellness Hotel Höflehner, guests enjoy the flavours of an entire region. On the menu of the à la carte restaurant or as part of the Höflehner gourmet board, you will find food from the hotel's own garden as well as Organic-Products from the region. The milk, for example, comes from Stritzlberger, organiceggsand honey are sourced from neighbouring farms, GenussRegion Ennstaler Steirerkas and Ennstaler lamb come directly from the producer and the red deer even comes from the hotel's own enclosure. Unnecessarily long food transport routes are avoided, what counts is the food on the doorstep. The kitchen team also regularly goes out of the kitchen to collect fresh blackberries in the forest, for example, or herbs from the neighbouring nature education area for all the senses. These are then processed directly or in the form of herbal salts and flavoured oils.


Whether meat or fish, vegetarian or vegan, traditional or trendy - every taste is individual and our taste buds are as colourful as our personalities. That is why we have developed the G | K | H philosophy. Look forward to Gerhard's healthy indulgence, Katrin's creative cuisine or traditional home cooking from Höflehner Welt. Would you like a bit of everything? No problem, because you can choose your own personalised indulgence every day.

Gerhard's healthy indulgence

Balanced, healthy and naturally nutritious - look forward to vitalising indulgence that activates and strengthens from within. The perfect cuisine for nutrition-conscious summiteers.

Katrin's creative cuisine

Culinary experiments at the highest level - think outside the box, discover exciting new worlds, familiar dishes with international flair and exciting moments of pleasure.

Höflehner's home-style cooking

Traditional dishes reinterpreted - savour local home cooking with its unique character and that certain something.