Sauna world

You can "sweat it out" in over 12 saunas supervised by our sauna master.

Soothing warmth, natural sweating and fragrant scents, simply switch off and leave the stress of everyday life behind you. The sauna is a welcome change to relax and do something good for your body.

Spruce needle and brine parlour

Getting off to a cosy start? Take a seat in the spruce needle and brine steam room and enjoy the marvellous 25 to 30 °C.

Honey vapour sauna

At 40 °C, the nourishing honey steam sauna is the perfect moisturiser for your skin.

Alpine herbal sauna

The alpine herbal sauna invites you to slowly warm up your body. At 55 to 60 °C and high humidity, a longer stay is not possible.

Event sauna

Light effects and sound systems make the event sauna the highlight of the village. Experience sauna infusions (85 °C) of a different kind.


Experience exclusive sauna infusionssuch as the atmospheric yodelling infusion, the harmonising chakra infusion and the refreshing beer infusion every day at 5.00pm - a unique experience for all the senses! Discover the variety of relaxation in our Premium Alpin SPA.


Panoramic sauna

Sweat with a view in the panorama sauna with temperatures of up to 85 °C. Let the heat and refreshment work their magic on your metabolism.

Stadl sauna

Right next to the Stadl sauna (80 to 85 °C), the Kneipp pool is waiting to refresh your heated body.

Brine tepidarium

After about 30 minutes in the brine tepidarium, you will experience its effect at 40 °C: cleansing the skin, it promotes both perspiration and blood circulation.

Swiss stone pine bio sauna

In the Swiss stone pine bio sauna, the body is slowly warmed at 50 to 55 °C with a fragrant aroma.

Aroma steam bath

Emerge from the aroma steam bath feeling completely balanced and relaxed. Feel more comfortable in your skin and breathe more freely again.

Infrared cabin

A regular visit to one of our infrared cabins stimulates the metabolism, relieves tension and strengthens the immune system.




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