Eco-label for our nature hotel

Our hotel was awarded the eco-label by Environment Minister Niki Berlakovich on 19 November 2012.

The hotel, which is considered a pioneer in terms of regionality, committed itself to nature and sustainability years ago. The hotel's successful philosophy has now been crowned with this award, proving that luxury can be combined with sustainability.

Eco-label for luxury of the natural.


On 19 November 2012 the time had come: in a magnificent setting, Katrin and Gerhard Höflehner of the Nature and Wellness Hotel Höflehner****S were ceremoniously presented with the Ecolabel by Environment Minister Niki Berlakovich in Vienna.




The award was presented to a total of 14 companies in Austria, including seven tourism businesses - two of them from Styria. The eco-label has been awarded since 1990, it distinguishes businesses for their environmental policy and top quality and is thus also an orientation aid and quality guarantor for guests. Here it means being able to holiday with a clear conscience, but without having to forego luxury and comfort, because the so-called "luxury of the natural" is writ large in the Höflehner house. Gerhard Höflehner is pleased about the special award: "This is an important recognition for our achievements. For years we have been trying to attract guests who live a health-conscious and sustainable lifestyle - so-called LOHAs (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). This group now makes up 20-40% of the population of Western countries."



In addition, we have been using certified organic products in our business since December 2012. The ABG - Austria Bio Garantie - is Austria's leading  organic inspection body. We have our organic sub-range inspected by them regularly and in accordance with the regulations.