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To sweeten our guests dreams they can choose one of four different kinds of pillows from our pillow menu. The pillows are filled with pure nature.

Four pillows for your relaxing night:

Rose-slumber pillow: The rose is the sign of the godess of love and luck. The sent opens your heart and pampers your soul.
Energetic pillow: buckwheat, millet peel, oat grass and energetic herbs like menth help against insomnia, nervousness and headache.
Stone pine relax pillow: Stone pine lowers your heart rate and therefore supports a good nights rest.
Mountain herb energy pillow: The form of the spelts massages, oat grass, thyme, hey flowers, arnica and dandelions energize.

In addition to the nature-filled pillows stone pine furniture optimizes your sleep. You are surrounded by 300 year old, untreated stone pine wood, that deepens your breathing and is responsible for a cozy sleeping atmosphere. A stay in our stone pine rooms lowers your heart rate by approx. 3.500 beats per day.

The following additional utilities are on your disposal for the perfect sleep:
• Soft mattress topper
• Soft mattress
• Additional blanket
• side-sleeping pillow
• Anti-allergic blanket and pillow

Holiday wish list: Reserve your desired pillow ahead of time on our holiday wish list. Our room ferries will bring the pillow to your room.

Holiday wish list

Stone pine dreams: Swiss stone pine furniture provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and restful sleep.

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