Nature - the place where we feel at ease - given that nature shows its best, like it always has: harmonious, pleasant and beautiful.

Wellness – that is the word that expresses an intensive and immediate nature experience. That's when nature affects us in the best way possible: harmonious, pleasant and beautiful. 

The Nature and Spa Hotel Höflehner – our "6-N-philosophy"

Nature was and is our point of origin. It's the natural force that drives us. We gave the word "nature" some thought and realized that nature is playing the main role in all of our activities. That's where the "6-N-philosophy" emerged from. Every "N" stands for a central word that fundamentally defines our actions: the experience of nature, naturalness, natural wellness, natural nutrition, natural sustainability and natural design.


Natural experience

Imagine the following scenario: 1.117 m above sea level, view on the Dachstein massive and the surrounding panorama that lets you forget everyday life at first glance – that’s an experience that nature has created itself. You can enjoy that natural ambience in many ways. A leisurely hike through the cozy alms, Nordic walking or mountain biking or rock climbing at the Schladminger Tauern – you define your daily program as you wish!


The natural beauty of the landscape is reflected by the people. Cordiality and friendliness are steady companions while you are our guests. That is probably a result of being a true family business. We also consider our staff, that has partially accompanied us for years now, family members.

Natural wellness

Relaxation and romance, beauty and health – are best enjoyed in natural surroundings. Nature itself is making sure that you find your inner balance through its diversified secrets. At our Premium Alpine Spa we only gave nature a suitable environment. Crystal clear water in our swimming pools, mountain crystal, stable sauna or our mountain bath gives you relaxation, romance, beauty and health.

Natural nutrition

Nature comes without any artificial ingredients – and that’s also what we do. Our kitchen and cellar offer only absolute biological and natural products of the region, grown in close surroundings, perfectioned by master hands. The taste originates from nature itself thanks to the lush variety of herbs, fresh milk that we purchase directly from mountain farmers and careful preparation. Shortly: Nature to take a bite and to enjoy.

Natural sustainability

Think today about tomorrow: that is a matter of course in nature. Only the ones who know about the beauty of today are aware of the responsibility for tomorrow. We think in bigger context because we want to preserve our natures paradise for the next generation. That means a stay in a completely ecological house for you with wooden rooms of Styrian pine wood that is totally free of electromagnetic rays and harmful substances. Our furniture is made out of 100% wood – you will not find PVC flooring or walls. We put great emphasize in gentle handling with our energy reserves: that is why we heat with pellets and keep our energy consumption as low as possible.

Natural design

You can calm your thoughts perfectly
surrounded by nature.
Therefore we invite you into
our rooms and suites.

Arrive – at our new spacious lobby with a
stylish and cozy hotel bar

Calm down – in homely rooms and
suites with natural flair

Round up – lamps, curtains, sofas and plaid with
perfectly matching, unique, colorful materials

sleep in – in solid wood beds made
from Styrian pine wood

absorb – the healty ambience in our
100 % ecological house

detect – all the lovely details that our
trendy interial design offers

About us

We have been looking after the well-being of our guests for three generations. Our nature and wellness hotel is located above Haus im Ennstal, very close to Schladming and the Dachstein in the holiday region of Styria. We have firmly anchored the theme of nature in our philosophy.