The Nature and Wellness Hotel Höflehner

Nature was and is our starting point. In the truest sense of the word, it is the natural force that drives us.

... is the place where we humans feel most at home. Provided that nature shows itself from its most beautiful side and as it has always been: harmonious, soothing, beautiful.

... is the word that expresses an intensive and direct experience of nature. Then nature affects us in a way that is really good for us: harmonious, soothing, beautiful.


Nature was and is our starting point. In the truest sense of the word, it is the natural force that drives us. We have thought about the term "nature" - and realised that nature plays the main role in all our activities. This has resulted in the "6-N philosophy". Each "N" stands for a central value that essentially determines our actions: Nature Experience, Naturalness, Nature Wellness, Nature Culinary, Sustainability and Nature Design.


Nature experience

Spectacular mountain panoramas, crystal-clear lakes and streams, dense forests and imposing mountain peaks: explore the wonderful natural surroundings from the hotel. Countless hiking trails and via ferratas invite you to explore. Experience the wonderful natural spectacle that flora and fauna paint in the mountains and, with a bit of luck, encounter marmots, roe deer, stags and chamois. You will find one thing above all: the feeling of freedom.


For four generations, we have endeavoured to ensure the well-being of our guests in a genuine family business that has grown steadily over the decades. Courage, foresight and a great deal of commitment have made the Natur- und Wellnesshotel Höflehner what it is today. Particularly important are the people who make it all possible. With a lot of dedication, love for detail and nature, our employees achieve incredible things every day.


Natural wellness

Feel the pure luxury of the spacious Premium Alpine SPA embedded in nature. Enjoy the individual retreat options and the breathtaking distant views. Nature creates a wonderful setting in which to regain your balance. Pamper yourself with over 80 Naturelle wellness rituals and beauty treatments. Alpine rose, Swiss stone pine and hay flowers play a soothing leading role.

Natural cuisine

Natural raw materials are the most valuable treasures of our region - colourful, down-to-earth, original. We only serve what is honest. Our regionally anchored partner businesses make this possible. For example, the wild fish from the Ausseerland fishery, the delicious organic free-range breakfast eggs from the Riemelmoser family in Rottenmann or the excellent beef from the Hofer family in Ruperting. We value functioning natural cycles - because only what is original can fully develop its flavour.



A term that has been gaining in importance for years - for most people. Because for us, one thing has been very clear for many years: nature is our starting point. It is what moves and drives us every day, it is something we want to preserve. As a nature hotel, sustainable and resource-conserving management is a matter of course for us. Sustainability goes hand in hand with regionality.





Natural design

We love natural design. We emphasise the rustic nature of the mountains and the feeling of security in a modern way. When furnishing the hotel, we attached great importance to individual and high-quality natural materials, mostly from regional partners - especially the use of Swiss stone pine. We want to give you a place to relax, where you can feel the rhythm of nature and find your inner balance again.

Arrive - in the new spacious lobby with stylish and cosy hotel bar
✽ S witch off - in cosy rooms and suites with a natural flair
Round off - lamps, curtains, couch and plaid made from coordinated, unique, colourful fabrics  
✽ S leep in - in solid wood beds made from Styrian stone pine
Absorb - the healthy ambience in a 100% ecological house
✽ D iscover - all the loving details that our trendy interior design has to offer

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