In-House Beauty

Nature-wellness-enjoyment with long-lasting benefits

Nature is the Earth's smile
- true to this philosophy, we have carefully selected the raw ingredients for our natural cosmetics and manufactured our products.

Our own special in-house products, handmade from natural raw ingredients and an absolute blessing both for people and the environment - for an authentic natural feeling on your skin. Hay flower, pine and alpenrose are the three main pillars of the line developed under the leadership of SPA expert and physiotherapist Katrin Höflehner.

HöflehnerNatur Oil Compositions


Known variously as alpenrose or rhododendron, it is especially beneficial for the skin, toning and strengthening connective tissue. It calms and reduces inflammation affecting stressed skin. Effect: soothing

Hay Flowers

When the meadows are mowed in summer and the hay is harvested, that's when a natural remedy is in high season - known as hay flowers. In one handful of hay flowers, you will find roughly 50 different types of plant with a wealth of natural ingredients. The more colorful the mixture, the more active ingredients they contain for the benefit of your metabolism. Effect: stimulating

Arolla Pine

The extraordinary healing powers of pine have been known for many years. Due to the harsh climate conditions in which it grows, it epitomizes endurance and strength. Pine promotes good sleep and relaxation. Effect: regenerating

You will find our "three pillars" throughout our line of oils and soaps which we manufacture in-house. To provide you with the pampering you deserve and a well-deserved timeout at home. All our fragrance mixtures are suitable for fragrance lamps, as bath additives, soothing skincare or as a massage oil!

Tip from our SPA-manager Beate: Mix one tablespoon of Höflehner oil with 150 ml of cream, then use as a bath additive. After the bath, your skin will feel like soft velvet.


HöflehnerNatur Bath Pralines

Our bath pralines nourish your skin and are the perfect excuse to do something good for yourself every now and then. A soothing bath will rejuvenate your skin.


Höflehner's Sports Fluid

For heavy legs or aching muscles, our Sports Fluid provides wonderful cooling while activating the musculature. 

Höflehner's Hand Balsam

With organic jojoba oil and Shea butter, our balsam nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Your hands will feel smooth and silky, while rough skin becomes softer.

Höflehner's peeling cream 

Our peels do wonders for your skin and your whole body. Your skin is cleansed and gains a beautiful new radiance.

Höflehner's body butter

Our handmade body butter softens your skin and maintains its natural moisture balance. 



Feel the power of nature at the Hauser Kaibling! Recovery and relaxation are very important to us. If not while on vacation, when do you have the time to treat yourself with what you dream of throughout the year?