Pool world

Diving made easy! Experience pure relaxation in our pools with breathtaking views!

Our pools at a glance

Relax in our whirlpools at , use the 25-metre sports pool, which is heated all year round, for sporty laps in crystal-clear mountain water and find relaxation in our cosy rest areas . Discover the many possibilities, experience the natural energy of the water and find regeneration in the refreshing or warming water. Immerse yourself in our unique water world!

Our water world at a glance:
➺ Infinity luxury whirlpool (35 °C)
➺ Rooftop whirlpool (35 °C)
➺ 25 m outdoor sports pool heated all year round (29 °C)
➺ Indoor pool with outdoor pool (30 °C)
➺ Natural pond
➺ Dwarf pool for younger guests (35 °C)
➺ Cold water pool (textile-free)
➺ Sauna relax whirlpool (textile-free, 35 °C)

Infinity luxury whirlpool

We have created even more natural luxury for you. In our Infinity Luxury Whirlpool, you can unwind and savour the moment! Relax and enjoy the view of the Ennstal mountain landscape!

Rooftop whirlpool

The rooftop whirlpool makes it possible: experience the extraordinary - marvel at the view from even higher heights.

25-metre sports pool

The sports pool with great views is heated to 29 degrees all year round, so that the 25-metre pool makes you want to get moving in the morning.

Did you know...
... to save energy, the sports pool is closed from 10.00 to 15.00 in winter. If you would like to go swimming during this time, we will of course open the cover for you at any time.

Indoor pool & outdoor pool

If it gets too chilly outside, you can relax in the indoor pool with adjoining outdoor pool in 30-degree water or do some sporty swimming. The indoor pool is also suitable for our younger guests.

Dwarf pool: water world for younger guests

A successful and action-packed day also includes splashing around and having fun in the water. In our dwarf pool with a small slide, children can have fun to their heart's content.

Textile-free area

Sauna Relax Whirlpool

Heavenly mountains, forest and fresh air surround the sauna relaxation pool. You only venture there in your "Adam and Eve costume" to relax after an infusion in the event sauna. The ideal combination to switch off. Enjoy the warmth on your skin and relax your muscles.

Cold water walk-through pool

Break new ground and work with the healing power of water: In our cold water pool in the textile-free area, you can really get your circulation going after a sauna session.

Have you got the desire to immerse yourself in our natural water world?
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