Local partners

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Not only our kitchen crew is responsible for the culinary delight but also our local partners. Our suppliers deliver high quality products that are processed with care so we can bring our best dishes to the table.

Unsere Philosophie ist die Nature and Naturalness is our philosophy. An eye on quality and naturalness is also expected from our suppliers. We are proud to have such partners. Some of them have accompanied us for years and ties of friendship were made:

Our suppliers from the Ennstal at a glance:


We are happy to introduce our partners:

Family Hofer from Ruperting / Haus im Ennstal

...provides us with best beef from their cows, homemade butter and curd cheese. Everyone has a role in the family-run farm and quality and sustainability are very important during the upbringing of their animals.

Moserhof - Family Schrempf from Niederberg / Haus im Ennstal

...provices us with homemade cheese. 

Family Zefferer from Aich 

... delivers meets and sausage products. For over 80 years quality is the center of attention at the company Zeffer.

Company Gourmetfein

...delivers meets and sausage products.

Family Riemelmoser from Rottenmann 

...provides us with organic eggs - best breakfast eggs or perfect for baking cakes. The well-being of his hens is most important to Herrn Riemelmoser. They have enough space to run around and many possibilities for sand baths - a pleasure that every hen loves.

Moserhof from Stein an der Enns

...supplies organic yoghurt. The entrepreneurs are born as children of Ennstal farmers and are completely committed to their home. They stand for real, pure and particularily tasty products.

Family Gindl from Aigen im Ennstal

...provides us with potatoes. The best potatoes in the Ennstal are grown and harvested since 3 gernerations in the family Gindl.


Family Göschl from Aigen im Ennstal

...provides us with homemade vinegars from selected and organic domestic products.





Fishery Ausseerland from Bad Mitterndorf

...the wild fish grow in a natural lake with clear fresh water without human intervention - that makes the special taste of the fish. Only the number of fish that grows back is taken out of the lakes. The completely natural wild fish are unique and win over their high quality.

Family Dornbusch from Aigen im Ennstal

...provides us with free-range ducks.





Brewery Schladming

...delivers regional beer specialities that are brewed with domestic commodities. For 110 years the art of brewing in collaboration with nature provides pure natural enjoyment.

Nature Culinary

From the grain to the crowning glory. For us, good food does not begin on the table, nor in the kitchen, but with the origin of the raw materials. Our region is a natural treasure, a supplier of sustainable products and a source of inspiration for our culinary art.