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Beauty treatments

Exclusive facial treatments with premium Pharmos natural cosmetics, !QMS and Aroma Derm products.

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury Premium natural cosmetics

With PHARMOS NATURE you will experience the unique and regenerating effect of selective and adaptogenic medicinal and rejuvenating herbs on your skin: SACRED PLANTS.

The highlight of your PHARMOS NATURE treatment is the application of a special, fresh aloe vera leave. Your skin will completely absorb the moisturizing gel. The many active components nurish your cells, restore and regenerate. That can noticeably slow down the aging process. Bright and wonderfully firm skin is the result – freshness and liveliness flow through your whole body.

Besides your face your neck and cleavage will be treated. Finishing up you will be served a pear-aloe vera juice.
55 Minutes € 79,00

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Pharmos Nature pampering treatment
Face, neck and cleavage are completed by foot compresses, a shoulder-neck-arm massage and a pleasant head massage. A finishing pear-aloe vera juice will let you shine from the inside.
80 Minutes € 107,00

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Choose your piority:

Intensive moisturizing treatment
Intensive moisturizing and freshness treatment. Priority of the treatment is a moisturizing massage and application of freshly squeezed aloe vera gel.  Mittelpunkt der Behandlung ist die durchfeuchtende Massage und die Anwendung des frisch ausgeschälten Aloe Vera Pflanzengels. Particularly suitable for dry skin and as after-sun treatment.

Love Your Age Power Treatment - Be beautiful!  

Rejuvenating active components, high light energy and intensive vibration tighten your skin in an extremely efficient way, noticeably reactivate skin renewal and result in real vibrancy and more charisma! The denseness of your skin is improved by real collagen providers such as common hazel, cranberry, moringa and Griffonia simplicifolia. They visibly reduce wrinkle depth and make you happy! Filled up and evenly beautiful your skin looks radiant. Wellbeing in its total existence!

Anti-Stress Face

Skin-calming, relaxing treatment for your skin and soul. The highly effective anti-stress serum strengthens your nerves, brings new energy, stimulates cell regeneration and lets signs of stress and tension disappear. Agitated, irritated skin will be balanced out, red spots will disappear. Best suited for stressed minds, sensitive, irritated and worn-down skin and facial erythrosis.


Facial treatments !QMS

!QMS Medicosmetics – the internationally approved expert in his field of aesthetic medicine, double-approbated doctor, plastic surgeon and cosmetics developer Dr. med Erich Shulte stands behind this popular brand. Until today the !QMS anti-aging treatment system is classified as unique in its effect, maintaining the health and regenerating skin.

Classic collagen treatment
This facial treatment contains unique collagens and therefore balances the loss of collagen, the main reason for skin aging. Your skin is revitalized and obtains a juvenile, healthy look.
90 Minutes € 122,00

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Neo Tissudermic treatment
Fights signs of skin aging. This tightening treatment is especially suitable for ripe skin., in particular for neck, cleavage and breast area.
90 Minutes € 132,00

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SK Alpha treatment
Stimulant, intensive facial treatment with a unique thermo-active revitalizing mask. Especially developed to stimulate the microcirculation. With immediate wow-effect your skin will visibly look more even.
55 Minuten € 102,00 

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Pure oxygen facial treatment
The active components of !QMS cosmetics will be worked into your skin using oxygen. This treatment supports your blood circulation and the renewal process of your skin.

90 Minutes € 149,00
30 Minutes € 54,00

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Beauty treatments

Make-up counseling

Incl. eyebrow correction:
60 Minutes € 68,00

Day make-up:
30 Minutes € 35,00

Evening Make-up:
30 Minutes € 39,00

Wedding Make-up:
€ 67,00

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Add more services to your facial treatment:

Deep cleansing 25 Minutes € 32,00

Firming !QMS arm treatment € 39,00

Radiant eyes Pharmos Natur Green Luxury € 40,00

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More beauty treatments:

Waxing leg to knee € 42,00

Full legs € 54,00

Upper lip € 14,00

Armpits € 22,00

Back € 49,00

Breast € 43,00

Bikini line € 32,00

Mens intimate area € 45,00

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Manicure and pedicure

Hand and foot O.P.I. treatment
Brilliant O.P.I. gel nail polish with long-term effect. Hand or foot bath, refreshing peeling, nail treatment, hand or foot massage, O.P.I. gel nail polish
90 Minutes € 92,00

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Spa manicure
Your complete care program for velvety hands. Starting with a HöflehnerNature hand bath, peeling, hand mask and nail care finishing with a comfortable hand massage.
45 Minutes € 52,00

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Spa pedicure
Visibly even skin with a nourishing HöflehnerNature foot bath, peeling, foot mask, nail care and a comfortable foot massage.
45 Minutes € 52,00

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Hand to foot
Combination of spa manicure and spa pedicure that makes rough and dry skin disappear. Bath, peeling, nail care, hand and foot massage.
90 Minutes € 98,00

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Treatment basics

Manicure 30 Minutes € 40,00     

Pedicure 40 Minutes € 50,00 
Expenditure of time - € 1,00 per additional minute

Nail polish in combination with manicure/pedicure € 10,00

Nail polish € 20,00    

Eyebrow forming € 12,00

Eyebrow or lash coloring € 14,00

Eyebrow and lash coloring € 23,00

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